Sunday, 9 August 2009


I recently made a version of this sweet little tunic for my dear friend Steffi and once it was finished, I thought "I must have one!" and with that, I reproduced it - only to realise that I cut it out too large for myself - doh! Just as well I have enough material to make another one then!

Once again, the material is pale yellow broderie anglais, the same as the Midsommer Nights Dream Babydoll dress, and the edgings are my usual white broderie anglais, which have been finished off with pale blue satin trimmings, to give it a Swedish air. The photographs don't really do it justice, as the colours really are super-pretty - even if I do say so msyelf! ;-)

And finished off with my trademark label - even if it is Norwegian!

This item is now available for sale in Etsy