Monday, 12 October 2009

'Angel Delight' Scarf

Gosh, I can't believe how long it is since I was in here last, so I thought I'd start posting my blogs again, and begin with a worthy cause.

A while ago, after stashing soo many wonderfully pretty yarns, I decided to make a rather different scarf, which was an 'homage' to one my friend Stephanie Dosen (Tiny Owl Knits/Owl In The Dark Blogspot) made and posted on her Ravelry page (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's a knitters forum! LOL)

Anyhow, mine turned out quite different, but hey, it was mean't to be freeform anywy, so after making another rather glorious scarf, I decided that I should put this one up for sale, given that the pretty pink shades were perfect and it is the month of October, so it seems fitting to donate 100% of any money made to the 'Breakthrough Breast Cancer' charity.

The yarns I used were the following....















As you can see, it's a bit 'out there' and different, but that's what makes it special I think!

I've tied it in random places to make it look a bit different, and have added a number of embellishments like crocheted bows and flowers as you can see in the detailed pictures here....

And to add the finishing touches, I crocheted the edge and added tiny little Tibetan Silver angels wings, which seemed rather appropriate for a scarf named 'Angel Delight'!

This item is now for sale in Ebay and you can see the listing here....

For those of you interested, 'Happy Bidding'

Many Thanks


Sunday, 9 August 2009


I recently made a version of this sweet little tunic for my dear friend Steffi and once it was finished, I thought "I must have one!" and with that, I reproduced it - only to realise that I cut it out too large for myself - doh! Just as well I have enough material to make another one then!

Once again, the material is pale yellow broderie anglais, the same as the Midsommer Nights Dream Babydoll dress, and the edgings are my usual white broderie anglais, which have been finished off with pale blue satin trimmings, to give it a Swedish air. The photographs don't really do it justice, as the colours really are super-pretty - even if I do say so msyelf! ;-)

And finished off with my trademark label - even if it is Norwegian!

This item is now available for sale in Etsy

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

And here's the kaftan to go with the shorts...or was it the other way round?

*scratchesheadinconfusion* Yeah, it was the other way round!

I bought this material in Greece last year and it wasn't cheap, so I knew I had to make something memorable with it, and I ended up initially making mini skirts for myself and my lovely friend Corina. But that did make me panic somewhat, as I wondered if I would then have enough material left to make anything significant.....was I making a start on the 'scraps' first you may say - and perhaps I was!!

I've decided to post two pictures of it here, as the first is not that clear, as I took it on a backlight setting with no flash, but anyhow, I digress......

I had a very pretty kaftan/tunic that I bought in Bergen a few years ago that I adore, but hate wearing it all the time, as it's embroidered on the edge and I don't want to wear it out, so I made a pattern from it and ended up with this version. I modified the sleeves so that they were in two pieces which just gives it a bit more detail

And as it's a little see-through, I now have a sweet little pair of shorts to wear underneath to spare my modesty - happy days! :-)

Shorts and more shorts.....

Well you know me by now, I love nothing better than messing around with a bit of scrap fabric, so here's my latest offerings!

In both cases, the shorts took less than a metre of fabric with differing looks....

This pair were made from the leftovers of a kaftan/tunic I made on Monday. Because the edge of the material is already fancy, there wasn't much embellishment to be done on them, so these mamas took about 40 minutes! "That's quick!" you say, but that's when I ran into a little 'bother' with them, as I decided to stitch some pretty grosgrain ribbon which matches that in the kaftan over the casing for the elastic, so that it would gather up when the elastic was threaded through....and that's when the fun started, as it took me an hour and a half to finally be able to distribute the elastic evenly, because, try as I did, it just wouldn't work! Now my fingers are all red and sore, but hey, no pain, no gain right? ;-)

Didn't feel like that at the time, I can tell you, and now that I finally have my own little label, I decided to stitch it onto this pair!
Little Miss Norway designs are finally on their way - whoo-hoo!

And then there was this little pair, which was the leftovers from Flora's material!! The only problem with these tho, was that I cut them without the pattern and eneded up making the crotch too long, making them look like a mini skirt when they were on, so I needed a remedy...
And with that, I decided to run some elastic through the bottom of them, making them sit a little tighter on the legs, making them look like a sweet little pair of bloomers, with the usual little bows to finish - voila!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I can't believe how much this little lot cost....

Ooh-la-la it wasn't cheap, but it was worth it (well in my eyes anyway!) as I was looking for the little haberdashery shop on Uranienborgveien on Saturday, but it seems to have closed, so I was a tad bit disappointed, however, as I was walking down Karl Johans Gate, I noticed a craft shop, by the name of Panduro which is a hobby shop, so I thought I would nip in there to see if they had any Norwegian ribbon left over from Syttende Mai celebrations and I touched lucky - with that and other little gems, like these lovely trimmings and laces which are just soo difficult to come by in the shops in the UK.

Only thing was, they cost me almost £45.00 - ouch!

Will have to save these for something special then!

It was only a matter of time before it became a dress....

Yeah, well I liked it so much that I knew it would happen eventually so here it is.....

I also knew I had to make this version a little smaller upstairs! :-(

But the finished item looks pretty on and is ideal for the beach or private wear!

And with that, the other set is now available to purchase on for a lady with more ample charms than myself!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Scrap material Pt 2.....

Or should I say 'bit skjerf' (scrap scarf!) as this is what it is in reality!

I was in my local shopping area recently, when I stumbled upon a fancy boutique which sold lovely scandinavian designers (didn't even know it was there!) and so I was thrilled to bits, especially when I came across a beautiful scarf by an Icelandic desginer who's name escapes me just now, however, I thought to myself "Oh I think I'll buy this!".....that was, until I saw the price tag - £139.00 - for lovely pieces of scrap material!!

Flora and I were in a state of shock, but I said to her "This has given me an idea, and you know, I'm going to take the basic principle and make my own - heck, I've got enough scraps at home!"

However, I did walk out with a pretty little NoaNoa beige crocheted effort for a more modest price of £20.00 - couldn't help myself!

So with a head full of ideas, I set about putting my thoughts into it and this is what I came up with.....

This piece was off a pretty little beach top I bought from Zara a few years back - I loved the material but hated the actual top - so I cut it up and used a piece here and the main part will go into making another little tunic in the next couple of weeks....

This piece was from a sarong that I bought in Tesco's supemarket years ago that had suntan lotion marks on it - I could never bear to throw it away, as it was too pretty, so I'm glad I found a use for it.....

And the rest is just the usual bits from my scrap bag! This is another piece of my Grandmothers crocheted lace sewn onto a piece of leftover fabric from the beach shorts!

The duck egg blue organza panel was from an old skirt that had a mark on it from years ago, but once again, whilst I had no intention of ever wearing it again, I knew that I couldn't part with the material - the last time I actually wore the skirt was in 1999! I've added the leftover pieces of pink and white lace from the turquoise boudoir set I posted yesterday - as you can see, all the embellishments are in pale pink.

The blue/white piece on the bottom of the scarf is just the white sarong material again, backed with the pale blue broderie anglais to make the embroidery stand out.

But the best thing about this scarf is that it didn't cost me £139.00, just my time and effort!

It feels good to recycle old materials and give them a new lease of life........


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A little something for Oslo?.....

Well I'm off to the fair city this weekend and was rather hoping for good weather (well at least dry!) but unfortunately it's not looking too hopeful, but hey, I wouldn't be wearing this little number outside the hotel room anyway!

I made this as a cover up for the beach/pool side sort of jolly actually, but who's to say that it can't be worn in Oslo? .......

The nice idea with a wrapover instead of a kaftan on holiday is that its easier to take on and off when you're feeling hot, as kaftans can leave you in a pickle....well they do me!

Just a little close up to do it some justice - turquiose and pale pink go so well together.
Just need to book a holiday in the sun now!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Skal for Norge!

And a 'Happy Nasjonaldag!' to everyone in Norway today, and what better way to celebrate on Karl Johans Gate than to sing a little song about a Fairytale!!

And congratulations to Alexander Rybak for stomping away with the highest score ever awarded in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Hmmn....well I'm most definitely thinking about being in Oslo next year, especially if it coincides with 17th May, but no matter how much I wish for it, I can't see Morten hosting the competition - oh well!!

But I will have my own little celebration today and will be sporting something red, white and blue!



Friday, 15 May 2009

NYT LIVET (Enjoy Life) and other sayings........

I was sitting here just now twiddling my fingers, so I thought "Why not post pictures of the cushions I've made over the last few years?"

As well as sewing and crocheting and knitting, I adore cross stitching and some of these projects have been true labours of love for me.

This one has my motto on it 'NYT LIVET' (Enjoy Life) And why not....we only pass this way once.....

This cushion also has the flags of Norway, the Faroes, Iceland, Denmark and a particular flag of the Shetland Islands, in the colours of the Scottish Saltire, which was created to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the transfer of the Shetlands to Scotland (from the king of Norway and Denmark).

Definitely one of my favourite cushions I think!

For those who know Norway, these will need no introduction, but for those of you who don't these cushions represent the Vestlandet region, which is around Bergen, Stavanger area (West Coast) and the Sorlandet region is Southern Norway and all those beautiful little towns like Grimstad and Lillesand with their white clapboard houses with pretty picket fences (there's a clue to a song here for those who know a particular Norwegian band!)

This one was inspired by a trip to the Sorlandet region back in 2006, and especially when I stayed in Grimstad, with it's pretty little harbour and all the wonderful yachts - there was a nautical theme everywhere. This one was the most labour intensive of all as you can imagine!

And then I decided to make one with a Juletide tema and designing the Selbuvotter mitten was something I particularly enjoyed - aah, if only I could knit them..........

I have made so many personalised ones over the years, with different flags etc, that somebody recently asked if I had one for myself, which I didn't, so I thought it was about time I did own one, and here it is! Once again, I went for a nautical (but some may say military!) flag, with the addition of the Krone.

Hmmn, I wonder who I'm going to make one for next?.......

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ar Svenska Midsommernatt Drom

Hmmn....well I'm hoping that title is correct, as 'Jag talar inte Svenska' however, what I'm trying to say is that I thought this little outfit would be perfect for a summers night sleepover - that's if there really is such a thing as night in the nordic countries at that time of year!

Anyhow, the yellow broderie anglais was soo pretty, that I decided to add pale blue trims and give it a Swedish air!

And finished it off with tiny little bows everywhere! I'm wondering when a Norwegian version of this little outfit will appear......probably not long, knowing me! ;-)

'God Natt og Sove Godt!'....well that's how you say i Norsk!

This set is available to buy on

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Frillies for Flora

My friend Flora saw some of my designs and asked if I would make her one of my 'Boudoir' sets as she loved mine so much. "Yes!" I said "No problem!" and with that I made arrangements for her to come around for a fitting. When she did and we got chatting, I asked her what she taught, as I knew she was a teacher, "Textiles" was her then, no pressure I thought to myself!

But this was one of the nicest and fun things I've ever made for anyone, because whilst I always like to make everything to the best of my ability, I felt that I had to go that 'extra mile' with it - and so I took great care to ensure that it was as perfect as I could make it. I decided to use broderie anglais material, as it always lends itself to my Boudoir sets.

The Boudoir wrap looks just as pretty with shorts, a mini skirt or in this case, Flora asked for 'lounge' pants, which, having finished them, I've decided that I must have a pair for myself!

They are finished with pretty cluny lace at the trouser edge and on the waistband.

They're soo slouchy they look wonderful on, but I also convinced Flora to go all out and have a mini skirt as well - and so she did!

The skirt sits slightly higher on the waist than the lounge pants and is finished with cluny lace and little bows!

I'm sure it will put a smile on her husbands face when he sees her in it! ;-)

Friday, 8 May 2009

It's amazing what you can do with a bit of scrap material....

and I love nothing better than seeing what I can dream up with just a small piece of material - have done since I was a little girl when my Mums dressmaker would give me a bag of leftover pieces of fabric and I would be off to create sexy little dresses for my Barbie!!

And so, in my usual way, I bought a piece of embroidered cambric material last year, and made a sweet little pair of shorts to go with one of my 'Boudoir' wraps and enjoyed wearing them here, there and everywhere -

But like always, I kept the leftover scraps and I was recently going through my material box when I came across what was left of the shorts fabric - which was only a metre in the first place, and with that, I came up with this little beach top - to match the shorts, of course!

Thing is, I really enjoyed imagining what this little piece of material would become - and now all I need is some sun to wear them both together!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

A blouse fit for a bunad

I've always wanted to try a bunad on but have never gotten up the nerve to go to Heiman Husflid in Oslo, but one day I hope to.

My ancestors came from around the Bergen area, so the bunad for me would be from the Vestlandet region, but I understand that they cost a small fortune, so I'm thinking the nearest I may well get to wearing one is this blouse which I've made as an homage to the traditional blouses women all over Norway wear.

What's so nice about the one I've made here is that the lace panel is made up of pieces of crocheted cotton lace which I have been collecting for many years and comes from all over the world and two pieces of it were from my Grandmother, so they mean a lot to me in particular.

The neckline is elasticated, so it can be worn pulled slightly off the shoulder (not very traditional but nice for the summer perhaps with jeans!) but it does look rather pretty on (even if I do say so myself!)

I decided to put a lace panel at the back of the blouse for more detail

And finished it off with little bows here and there!

Skal for Norge!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Welkommen alle sammen!

A very warm welcome to


Over the next few weeks I hope to have this blog up and running (to my liking!) but at the moment I'm just getting used to navigating my way around here, so please bear with me!

In the meantime, here's a little video of a song that all those who know me would say is probably on my list of top 10 tunes by my favourite band, a-ha (well it is all things 'Norwegian' here and I do have norsk heritage, so there you go!!

Looking forward to chatting some more in the not too distant future!

Mange Klem!