Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Scrap material Pt 2.....

Or should I say 'bit skjerf' (scrap scarf!) as this is what it is in reality!

I was in my local shopping area recently, when I stumbled upon a fancy boutique which sold lovely scandinavian designers (didn't even know it was there!) and so I was thrilled to bits, especially when I came across a beautiful scarf by an Icelandic desginer who's name escapes me just now, however, I thought to myself "Oh I think I'll buy this!".....that was, until I saw the price tag - £139.00 - for lovely pieces of scrap material!!

Flora and I were in a state of shock, but I said to her "This has given me an idea, and you know, I'm going to take the basic principle and make my own - heck, I've got enough scraps at home!"

However, I did walk out with a pretty little NoaNoa beige crocheted effort for a more modest price of £20.00 - couldn't help myself!

So with a head full of ideas, I set about putting my thoughts into it and this is what I came up with.....

This piece was off a pretty little beach top I bought from Zara a few years back - I loved the material but hated the actual top - so I cut it up and used a piece here and the main part will go into making another little tunic in the next couple of weeks....

This piece was from a sarong that I bought in Tesco's supemarket years ago that had suntan lotion marks on it - I could never bear to throw it away, as it was too pretty, so I'm glad I found a use for it.....

And the rest is just the usual bits from my scrap bag! This is another piece of my Grandmothers crocheted lace sewn onto a piece of leftover fabric from the beach shorts!

The duck egg blue organza panel was from an old skirt that had a mark on it from years ago, but once again, whilst I had no intention of ever wearing it again, I knew that I couldn't part with the material - the last time I actually wore the skirt was in 1999! I've added the leftover pieces of pink and white lace from the turquoise boudoir set I posted yesterday - as you can see, all the embellishments are in pale pink.

The blue/white piece on the bottom of the scarf is just the white sarong material again, backed with the pale blue broderie anglais to make the embroidery stand out.

But the best thing about this scarf is that it didn't cost me £139.00, just my time and effort!

It feels good to recycle old materials and give them a new lease of life........



  1. The Icelandic designer is Andersen & Lauth!

  2. It was great to meet you in John Lewis!! Very interesting to read your blog I shall improve upon mine soon!!!! With best wishes Thuy(prounounced twee)!

  3. Wow, it's amazing how you've created this from stash leftovers. Well done!

  4. Well my Grandma did call me a magpie, as I never throw anything out that I think can be used somewhere else!

    So you see, recycling is good fun!