Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Frillies for Flora

My friend Flora saw some of my designs and asked if I would make her one of my 'Boudoir' sets as she loved mine so much. "Yes!" I said "No problem!" and with that I made arrangements for her to come around for a fitting. When she did and we got chatting, I asked her what she taught, as I knew she was a teacher, "Textiles" was her reply.....so then, no pressure I thought to myself!

But this was one of the nicest and fun things I've ever made for anyone, because whilst I always like to make everything to the best of my ability, I felt that I had to go that 'extra mile' with it - and so I took great care to ensure that it was as perfect as I could make it. I decided to use broderie anglais material, as it always lends itself to my Boudoir sets.

The Boudoir wrap looks just as pretty with shorts, a mini skirt or in this case, Flora asked for 'lounge' pants, which, having finished them, I've decided that I must have a pair for myself!

They are finished with pretty cluny lace at the trouser edge and on the waistband.

They're soo slouchy they look wonderful on, but I also convinced Flora to go all out and have a mini skirt as well - and so she did!

The skirt sits slightly higher on the waist than the lounge pants and is finished with cluny lace and little bows!

I'm sure it will put a smile on her husbands face when he sees her in it! ;-)

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