Saturday, 2 May 2009

A blouse fit for a bunad

I've always wanted to try a bunad on but have never gotten up the nerve to go to Heiman Husflid in Oslo, but one day I hope to.

My ancestors came from around the Bergen area, so the bunad for me would be from the Vestlandet region, but I understand that they cost a small fortune, so I'm thinking the nearest I may well get to wearing one is this blouse which I've made as an homage to the traditional blouses women all over Norway wear.

What's so nice about the one I've made here is that the lace panel is made up of pieces of crocheted cotton lace which I have been collecting for many years and comes from all over the world and two pieces of it were from my Grandmother, so they mean a lot to me in particular.

The neckline is elasticated, so it can be worn pulled slightly off the shoulder (not very traditional but nice for the summer perhaps with jeans!) but it does look rather pretty on (even if I do say so myself!)

I decided to put a lace panel at the back of the blouse for more detail

And finished it off with little bows here and there!

Skal for Norge!


  1. how pretty!
    what a talent to be able to make this!

  2. Why thank you so much!!

    That's a compliment coming from you as you're immensely talented yourself!!


  3. Wow, the lace is very special! Gorgeous workmanship on this one!

  4. Oh Sue, I adore this blouse because of all the wonderful pieces of lace I've collected from all over the place, especially my Grandma's little scraps - she used to say that when I was younger, I would be more interested in what I could do with a small piece of leftover fabric rather than the metre of material!!

    And she's right, it's much more fun!;-)