Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I have absolutely no space left in my Craft Room and want to put a pretty mannequin in there, but can't because I haven't got the room, so now it's time to move things on.

So here's what's got to go.......


Pretty grey shrug with pretty cabling detail finished with a sweet little bow

They look lovely on and the yarn is wonderfully soft!

This one is for sale at £35.00 - ** SOLD **


Slightly longer than my wristwarmers with no thumb opening, these little mammas are finished off with a pretty crocheted bow!

For sale at £30.00 - ** SOLD **


This pretty camel cotton camisole is finished with white cotton edgings and pink satin ribbon under the bust and on the straps

For a nice snug fit, I finished it off with a button closing down the back.

This is soo pretty in real life - the photos don't do it justice!

The size is an 8-10 (UK) which (I think?) is 34-36 Contintental, or size 1 Odd Molly -whatever you understand I guess! LOL

The top is offered for sale at £40.00


These pure merino wool wristwarmers were originally made as a test for a winter bride, who ended up with a glorious pair in silk cashmere! They are very long, so can be worn up the arm (like the bride had hers!) or slouchier, which I think looks just as sweet!

They are offered for sale at £30.00 - ** SOLD **


(See yesterday's post to see what they look like on)

Pretty pink pure merino fake socks to go under your Hunter wellies, Ilse Jacobsen rainboots, or wear with ordinary boots - the choice is yours! Finished with contrasting crocheted edgings and cute little crocheted bows!

** SOLD **


This cotton vest top is a delightful shade of pale blue, finished with pale pink crocheted edge and tiny little bows back and front. The size is 8-10 UK, 34-36 continental or Odd Molly size 1 (funny how their sizings always get used as a reference here!)

The vest top is offered for sale at £40.00

And finally......


This amazingly soft scarf is made from pure alpaca and feels wonderful on and won't irritate the skin like polyester ones can!

The scarf is offered for sale at £30.00

All items are offered on a 'first come first served' basis and are exclusive of P&P. If you're interested in anything, please leave me a messge here.

All items are available for purchase via Paypal only.

Oh and before I forget, my Lite rose Odd Molly Remix blouse is also for sale in Tradera!

I love it to bits but unfortunately it's just too big on me - when I bought it from Eger on 30 April, my friend Narve told me I only had the Friday afternoon to go shopping as the shops were closed on May Day- and as I didn't arrive in Oslo till 3pm, I had to run like a crazy woman down Karl Johan's Gate so I didn't get a chance to try it on, just picked it up and bought it!

** SOLD **

Phew! Now I really need some chow and then back to my knitting!

Wishing you all a super Tuesday!

Stor Klem!


Monday, 25 October 2010

Inspirasjon fra.......

Those lovely Odd Molly and Ti-Mo socks that cost a fortune, but are just soo very lovely, that I save mine for special wear only.

Thing is tho, they look adorable with my Ilse Jacobsen rainboots, but if you're out on a muddy path and they get dirty, they can be ruined very easily, so I decided to come up with a quick and easy solution that works for me!

And here they are, fake socks or shortie legwarmers, you decide!

They're ribbed up the sides in order to keep them nice and snug on your legs with my usual lacy stitch and finished off with cutie contrasting bows at the top.

These are my two favourite colourways that I've made so far!

And then very recently, I decided that I wanted to create a cutie vest top, a bit like the summer cotton 4 ply ones that I make, as I liked the idea of having something to wear under my Odd Molly Lovely Knit cardigans, that wouldn't be bulky and so here it is.....

This is done in a pure wool 4 ply yarn, and the colour is a lite powder (the same as my mittens!) which means it works very well with all Odd Molly clothes - well of course it would!

The neck on the winter version has been changed so that it's square shaped instead, which I think, looks prettier than the usual V neck, and this time, the crocheted edges are done in the same colour instead of a contrast - just a little different for a change.

If you look closely, you can see the cutie little crocheted bow at the neck edge - didn't photograph very well, but it is there!

And this is what it looks like on! It's nice and slim and warm, being wool, so that you can layer it up without any bulk.
Right then, well another busy knitting day ahead, so I'd better get to it!

I can hear another calf coming into the world from the farm next to me, so watch this space, I'll try and photograph it later in the week, they're so small and cute when they first arrive in the Maternity Ward!

Have a lovely Monday!



Saturday, 23 October 2010

Høsten drømme igjen.........

Well I guess my head's in the clouds right now, as it usually is when I'm knitting, and what better way than to sit down on a dull autumnal day, with a hot drink, a little Freia Melkesjokolade (Norway's finest chocolate for those of you who don't know!) and some background music to while away the time whilst dreaming of lovely things - well that's what I'm doing right now on this mellow Saturday, as I look at the rich colours of the leaves as they drift pass my window!

So here's some of my latest offerings - yes, they look like the usual mittens I make, but actually I call these armlets, as they have no opening for the thumb and can be worn further down your hand to cover them and keep them warmer -plus, should you need to wash your hands or whatever, you don't have to take them off, so very useful indeed! I've also moved the sweet little bow down to the bottom edge of the armlet, so that it's on show for a change. This lite powder shade is adorable and goes with so many Odd Molly colours.

And this is what they look like on! Think the bows look sweet this way, but I do prefer them at the top edge for the wristwarmers! They are slightly longer also.

And then there are the little shrugs, which I started making last year, and these have been very popular also, with grey and winter white being the fave colours.

And so here are all the knitted items! I was very colour coordinated today wasn't I? Kept me nice and warm and looked sweet together - with my new biker style boots to complete the look, off I went to post more of my knitted wares to some of you lovelies out there!

Would just like to say a big 'Thank You!' to everyone who has supported Little Miss Norway designs - it means an awful lot to me and it's nice to see all you pretty girls from far and wide wearing my clothes and accessories!

And with that, I'm back to my knitting and dreaming........

Have a lovely Saturday, wherever you may be!

Stor Klem!


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

OCTOBER, cue for a song...............

"Dawn awaits a sleepless English town of coloured grey

Here I roam the streets without you as summer fades away........"

No not really, just showing off some of the knitwear I've been making for the last few weeks. Thought it was about time I let you see what I look like, as I'm not really the most comfortable person when it comes to having my photo taken, but here goes nothing!

Here I'm wearing my chalk wristwarmers which go really well with my new vintage chalk Odd Molly cardigan - I'm even wearing my Fields of Lace dress, courtesy of lovely Anne who kindly swapped with me, when we both realised we had the wrong size! If it wasn't for blogging it probably wouldn't have happened! Embroidered scarf by Vintage by Fe

Gosh, I really must cut back my geraniums and bring them in for the winter!! LOL

This big shawl/scarf is one of my favourite recent purchases, as I bought it in a sale and wore it with my Berry Dress to the RAH - having said that, I was somewhat 'distracted' at the end of the concert and walked out without it - had to go back and retrieve it - phew, thank heavens for that!

Hmmn, wonder who distracted me then?......

I love the willow branches I have in a big pot behind me in this photo, as I saw some a few years back in a beautiful florists shop in Oslo and went in to buy some (didn't figure how I was going to get them back on the plane did I?) so it was just as well that they cost a small fortune then!

Having said that, my gardener managed to obtain some from cuttings from another garden that cost me nothing and so I've adorned them with little flowers and white hearts and letters - the only thing is that I have to move them in order to get one of my Christmas trees in there, so let's just say that it's not something I'm looking forward to again - especially as I'll be moving them early this year!

Beautiful Malena was recently seen on her blog wearing a pretty little shrug from Rabens Saloner, which I think she bought a while back and I just fell in love with it. I tried to source one, but with no luck, then realised it would be easy to recreate, so here's my version. It's basically just a wide scarf which is knitted in whatever pattern you like, but it should be something which, when joined up, runs the same way, so in this case, the Moss Stitch works really well. Then you just seam it up and off you go!

This colour is like a dark powder shade and works well with the usual paler powder clothing from Odd Molly. I'm wearing the other pair of wristwarmers in this photo which are like the pale Odd Molly shade - these are my favies!

Think all the colours worked well together on this particular outfit!

And with that, I must get back to finishing off the next batch of wristwarmers, wishing you all a lovely day, wherever you may be!



Tuesday, 12 October 2010


And one that I'm going to treasure for a long time to come, as I was in London last weekend to meet up with a bunch of friends from all over the world to see my favourite group a-ha play a very special concert at the Royal Albert Hall. They performed their first two albums, 'Hunting High And Low' and 'Scoundrel Days', accompanied by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and it was the most amazing concert I have ever attended!

I was lucky enough to obtain tickets for the second row, more or less centre stage and the view from there was incredible! Having said that, we were advised not to take our cameras as the RAH has a policy of no photo's, so imagine my surprise when cameras were going off everywhere - and for once, I had the most amazing vantage point - aaah! LOL

These photo's are courtesy of some of my friends, but I have so many wonderful memories; of Morten forgetting the lyrics (yet again, bless him!) and Pal looking like he was really in the moment enjoying himself, that I'll never forget! I'm pleased to say that Morten was in fine voice and laughed a lot, which was nice to see!

Some of the highlights for me were hearing Take On Me at the start of the performance, which, if you know the band, is a song they normally do as part of their encore - having said that, I'm not looking forward to hearing it in Oslo on 4 December, as it will be the very last song they sing - hence the title of their tour 'Ending On A High Note!' *sob* Hunting High And Low was beautiful, Living A Boy's Adventure Tale, Here I Stand And Face the Rain, all incredible, then Scoundrel Days opened the second act and the place rocked - just amazing, the atmosphere was electric! I loved the Swing Of Things, We're Looking For The Whales - you've guessed, I could list every song because they were all amazing, but the finale was, for me, spine-tingling as you can see for yourself.


You can watch it in HD quality via this link to YouTube as Blogger doesn't allow the larger videos to be posted here!


We all hoped for an encore, but sadly when Morten sang the last word "Over" he mean't it! LOL. Have to admit tho that I was a tad bit disappointed, but only because I wanted to hear them sing their latest and last single 'Butterfly, Butterfly' but not this time round - oh well, there's always the UK tour in November to hear it then!

By chance, the band were actually staying in our hotel, but unfortunately, the world and his Mother got wind of that fact, and soo many fans turned up and got into the hotel, that Security decided for health and saftey reasons, they wouldn't let him stop to sign autographs and have his picture taken inside, and was actually escorted up in the lift!! After 25 years in the business and at 51 years old, the guy's still got it! LOL

But actually, one of my favourite photo's of the evening was the one my friend Rachel took of me and my very best friend Corina, who had come all the way from Canada to see the concert and room share with me - it was a very special time, as it now may be a while before we can hang out together like we did!

I wore my Berry Dress for the very first time and it was a delight to wear! I decided that you couldn't go to the RAH and not get dressed up, as this was a 'one-off' occasion! And then there was my bag........

I couldn't find the matching bag when I bought those lovely shoes for Sally and Deans wedding, but I recently managed to find it cheaply (and brand new!) on Ebay, and so I had a butterfly brooch that I stitched onto the front, which added the final touch to it! Well someone liked it enough to photograph it!

And with that, I'm finally coming back down to earth, as the boiler is broken (again!), and there's what looks like a major plumbing problem in the ensuite - aaah, I guess everyday life events don't happen in Morten's world!..........LOL



Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Just to let you know that lovely Monika won the 'Angel Delight' scarf that I was auctioning on behalf of the 'Breakthrough Breast Cancer' charity via Ebay!

Many thanks to you my dear! xx

The money has already been donated and the scarf will be winging it's way to her tomorrow!

And a big thank you to everyone else who took part!



Me again!

I fell in love with this sweet Odd Molly camisole when the Autumn collection was announced, but try as I might, I couldn't find it online anywhere! As I wasn't going to get to Oslo before December, I knew I would have to act fast, and so the lovely ladies at the UK Odd Headquaters helped me out and told me which shops had it in stock, and with that I was lucky enough to be able to get hold of it!

The detailling is lovely! This is the vintage chalk shade, but it looks more like a lite powder colour, so it's going to go with everything - wore it with a beautiful Melmelli dress recently and it worked perfectly, but what you can't see is this wonderful detail......

And another 'sommerfugl'......

Sommerfugl, Sommerfugl doesn't have the same ring to it, but I know where I'll be wearing it this weekend! ;-)

See some of you soon!




Hello lovelies!

Once again things have been a bit hectic and so I haven't had time to stop by and post anything, but that's because I've been busy making these little beauties! A basket-ful of pretty little mittens - oh a few pairs of cute little socks, but thankfully, not made by my fair hand!

These colours go soo very well with all things Odd Molly -which is naturally why I chose them, however, they're not all for little old me!

The colour of these looks more like purple, however, the shade card says Framboise, and that's just what they are - these are for one of my friends whom I'm meeting up with very soon, so I hope she likes them! Think I may well have make a pair for myself!

The others definitely look like the powder shade which is so popular for Odd Molly, however, they are more pinkish in shade and don't match as well as this other pair.....

And this other shade is very like the vintage chalk colour that Odd Molly are using this Autumn - perfect for all my outfits then!

Combined with these adorable socks from Ti-Mo, they will look fabulous with ankle boots, ordinary boots or even my Ilse Jakobsen rainboots - I added a few cute little bows on top of the lace, just to add that little 'extra something' to them - these are a 'must-have for Autumn/Winter!

Just need to make a matching scarf now......must get busy then!

Wishing you all a lovely day - wherever you may be!