Tuesday, 12 October 2010


And one that I'm going to treasure for a long time to come, as I was in London last weekend to meet up with a bunch of friends from all over the world to see my favourite group a-ha play a very special concert at the Royal Albert Hall. They performed their first two albums, 'Hunting High And Low' and 'Scoundrel Days', accompanied by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and it was the most amazing concert I have ever attended!

I was lucky enough to obtain tickets for the second row, more or less centre stage and the view from there was incredible! Having said that, we were advised not to take our cameras as the RAH has a policy of no photo's, so imagine my surprise when cameras were going off everywhere - and for once, I had the most amazing vantage point - aaah! LOL

These photo's are courtesy of some of my friends, but I have so many wonderful memories; of Morten forgetting the lyrics (yet again, bless him!) and Pal looking like he was really in the moment enjoying himself, that I'll never forget! I'm pleased to say that Morten was in fine voice and laughed a lot, which was nice to see!

Some of the highlights for me were hearing Take On Me at the start of the performance, which, if you know the band, is a song they normally do as part of their encore - having said that, I'm not looking forward to hearing it in Oslo on 4 December, as it will be the very last song they sing - hence the title of their tour 'Ending On A High Note!' *sob* Hunting High And Low was beautiful, Living A Boy's Adventure Tale, Here I Stand And Face the Rain, all incredible, then Scoundrel Days opened the second act and the place rocked - just amazing, the atmosphere was electric! I loved the Swing Of Things, We're Looking For The Whales - you've guessed, I could list every song because they were all amazing, but the finale was, for me, spine-tingling as you can see for yourself.


You can watch it in HD quality via this link to YouTube as Blogger doesn't allow the larger videos to be posted here!


We all hoped for an encore, but sadly when Morten sang the last word "Over" he mean't it! LOL. Have to admit tho that I was a tad bit disappointed, but only because I wanted to hear them sing their latest and last single 'Butterfly, Butterfly' but not this time round - oh well, there's always the UK tour in November to hear it then!

By chance, the band were actually staying in our hotel, but unfortunately, the world and his Mother got wind of that fact, and soo many fans turned up and got into the hotel, that Security decided for health and saftey reasons, they wouldn't let him stop to sign autographs and have his picture taken inside, and was actually escorted up in the lift!! After 25 years in the business and at 51 years old, the guy's still got it! LOL

But actually, one of my favourite photo's of the evening was the one my friend Rachel took of me and my very best friend Corina, who had come all the way from Canada to see the concert and room share with me - it was a very special time, as it now may be a while before we can hang out together like we did!

I wore my Berry Dress for the very first time and it was a delight to wear! I decided that you couldn't go to the RAH and not get dressed up, as this was a 'one-off' occasion! And then there was my bag........

I couldn't find the matching bag when I bought those lovely shoes for Sally and Deans wedding, but I recently managed to find it cheaply (and brand new!) on Ebay, and so I had a butterfly brooch that I stitched onto the front, which added the final touch to it! Well someone liked it enough to photograph it!

And with that, I'm finally coming back down to earth, as the boiler is broken (again!), and there's what looks like a major plumbing problem in the ensuite - aaah, I guess everyday life events don't happen in Morten's world!..........LOL




  1. O my dear ... what a wonderful evening you must have had!

    Hugs ♥

  2. Oh Helen it was absolutely fantastic - one I'm never going to forget for a long time!

    Hugs to you too!