Friday, 17 June 2011

Almost holiday time – decisions, decisions…….


Well the last 6 months have been hectic for me, in terms of being busy here with orders and coming up with new designs, as well as personal issues, which are thankfully behind me now, and so with that, I can look forward to a week away in beautiful Greece, just to rest and relax and enjoy some warmth in these bones of mine! Smile

But what do I take with me – oh heck, here we go again……..


Well this little lot are definitely on the list for packing! My beloved white Berry Dress and essential accoutrements, as well as some other lovely bits and bobs that you just need for a break in the sun!


And I guess this little lot will be making the list also!

It's good to see that my wares compliment my Mollies so well, and with some Melmelli and Ti Mo thrown in there, I guess I’m good to go – well I will be on Sunday anyhow! Winking smile

See you soon!

Ha en god helg og stor klem til deg!


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

And talking of the Berry Dress…..


Well not here, but in Facebook, as whilst it’s such a beautiful dress, I was rather surprised that there wasn’t a matching underslip to accompany it, like Odd Molly have produced in the past. With my powder version, I had my bloomers and shortie private slip, so that was okay, but in the case of this white lovely, well I had to come up with something that would preserve my modesty on my forthcoming holiday, so here it is…….


I always find that this lovely dress slips off my shoulder, be it the size 1 in powder that I originally bought, or this lovely white version in a size 0, which fits much better overall, but I still have the issue of it falling off, so I wanted to make sure that when it does, the slips straps looked pretty!


The other thing I find with a lot of dresses is when you bend over, you can end up showing off your underwear (as I have been known to in the powder version!) so I thought if that’s the case, then I’d better add some pretty lace to the top of it – that way you get a pretty eyeful instead!


But the Berry dress itself is the star here not my underslip, so I’ve just added a piece of lace along the bottom and kept it simple – the dress is full enough without making it bulky!

So, with some nude underwear, I should be good to go – don’t want to make the mistake I know a lovely lady did a while back, when she innocently wore white underwear under her dress and it showed through – not leaving it to chance there! LOL

And now I am most definitely off to do some ironing and make that tea I was promising myself!

Stor klem til alle sammen!


Shorts and more……..


Guess I couldn’t resist making a pair of these lovelies in white then! Well it is almost holiday time, so they will look great with a light tan!


I absolutely love making these sweet little things and it looks like they’ve taken over from where the wristlets finished in the Spring – and why not, it is the season of lovely weather….well it should be, as I had the heating on about an hour ago, as it’s darned wet and cold here – again! Sad smile

If anyone would like a pair of these mamma's please leave me a message here and I'll get back to you!

Have some more of these lovelies to show but I’ll save them for another day, right now I’m off to make some tea and will be back in a moment or two!
Watch this space…….. Winking smile

Stor klem – hope the sun is shining on you, wherever you may be!


Friday, 3 June 2011


Good Morning everyone, on what is a beautiful morning in rural Cheshire! A little cold, but sunny, with the promise of high temperatures this afternoon, so I'm going to make the most of it by getting out early to finish off the last coat of paint on my garden chairs then relax in the garden with a good book - have to, as it's forecast to be wet and cold this weekend - typical British weather eh?

Anyhow, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a Facebook Fan page for Little Miss Norway, and if you head over there and become a fan (hit the 'like' button!) then as soon as I'm up to 100 fans, I will hold a prize draw, so go on, head over there now for your chance to be entered into the competition!

Click on the Little Miss Norway heart logo on the right of this post, to be taken to my Facebook page and become a fan!

Lykke Til og ha en god helg!

Stor Kram!