Thursday, 25 November 2010


I'm sure someone can, as there must be lots of Scandinavian friends out there who own one of these beautiful angels, but I'm desperately trying to find out the oringin of them.

I bought this one in Zurich a few years back, and saw a lifesize one there in a hotel last year, but I didn't ask the origin of it, however, since then, someone told me that they're Scandinavian and not European.

So, if anyone has one, or know the origin of them, can you please let me know, as I would like to buy another, but have to admit, I've never seen them in Oslo at around Christmas time when I've been there!

I did notice one in Morten Harkets kitchen tho........

No, I haven't been there (I should wish!) but saw it in the background when they filmed 'Mr & Mrs' last year!

Tussen takk!


Monday, 22 November 2010


Hey there lovelies!

I'm offering this beautiful winter white shrug/cowl for sale now as the customer who ordered it paid a deposit then, reversed the payment and now won't answer my emails - very strange, but there you go!

It's a M/L size and does look wonderful on - perfect for winter, and let's face it, it's going to be a cold one!

It's made in a wonderfully soft pure merino wool which is glorious and looks fabulous on. I have one in a dark powder as you can see here....

The nice thing about them is that they can be pulled up around the neck and worn like a scarf/cowl, and then once you take your coat off, you can pull it down over your shoulders like I'm doing here and wear it like a shrug, so it's very versatile!

The yarn was very expensive, but I'm offering it for sale at £45.00 (excl of P&P) as it's of no use to me - this is a 'one-off' price so if you're interested, please leave me a message here - first come, first served methinks!

** SOLD **

Right then, back to some housework and knitting!

Stor Klem!



Well according to Facebook, it's 'Hug a Norwegian' Day, so to all of you out there, consider yourselves well and truly hugged by me! LOL

I did manage to get some practice in and hug a rather handsome Norwegian man on Saturday night by the name of Magne Furuholmen - and very cuddly he was too - but in a nice way of course! Only waited four years after asking him for a photo op the first time, but at least he knows the story behind it now!

Have to say tho, that I'm a real Morten girl and I've been very fortunate over the years to have had a few 'photo ops' with him as well, just not recently, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Here's one of my faves.....

Think Pal Waaktaar Savoy has eluded me now, but I'm hoping that one day, I'll grab that very handsome skier by the name of Aksel Lund Svindal - watch this space! ;-)

So then, let me ask you - which famous Norwegian would you like to hug?

Store Klemmer till dere alle!


Saturday, 13 November 2010

BLING, BLING. - why not do it yourself?

I tried on these beautiful jeans from an Italian designer called MET jeans when I was in Corsica in the summer, and it's probably just as well they didn't fit me, as they cost a whopping 280 euros - ouch! Having said that, if they had fitted me, I'd have been in a quandry and would have wanted to buy them, so perhaps there was a reason that they didn't, as they gave me the idea to create my own....

Once I arrived home, I set about finding a perfect pair of washed out, ripped jeans, and you know, I was struggling -that was, until I found these perfect mammas in the sale in Zara, for £14.99 - fabulous or what? And this is what I came up with.....

Basically, I took all my Grandmothers lovely diamante buttons off everything (again!) and stitched them onto the waistband - along with buying a few more buttons and then voila, the finished article!

To say they look stunning in real life would be an understatement - they're bling-tastic! LOL

It's a real shame the photos don't do them justice, as they really are quite sparkly!

And this what they look like on.....very bling and just as pretty as the originals, if not prettier in my humble opinion!

This is an easy look for anyone to recreate, but it's not for the fainthearted, as it takes a lot of diamante buttons to create the look and I had a good starting point with my Grandmas lot -plus, if you take then on holiday, they're rather heavy - but worth it I think!

And still not as expensive as the originals so a good result indeed!

Hope everyone's having a relaxing weekend!



Thursday, 11 November 2010


As I pass through and check my notifications here, I have to say it has been busy all day, but I love it, so that's the good news!

Anyhow, as a large number of you lovelies out there have enquired about my 'Engel' Mittens, if you're in a hurry and would like something similar, I'm offering these mammas up in the meantime, as they're ready to go.........


Made in pure merino 4 ply wool, these are slightly longer than the Engel mittens, but are just as pretty and very very soft indeed! The can be worn high up the arm, or slouchy, like the Engels......

They are offered for sale at £30.00 - ** SOLD **


Slightly longer than my wristwarmers with no thumb opening, these little mammas are finished off with a pretty crocheted bow!

This is how they look on......

They can also be worn up the arm or slouchy and the addition of the bow at the hand edge looks rather pretty too!

For sale at £30.00 - ** SOLD **

The prices quoted here are excl of P&P, so if you're interested, please leave a post for me here to enquire about costs. You will also need a Paypal account, but if you don't have one, they're very easy and quick to set up!

And they are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis, so if you're interested, give me a holler as soon as you can!

Now I'm off to have a nice cup of tea -wishing you all a lovely evening, tho it's going to be very windy here!

Stor Klem!


Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Photo courtesy of Amy Glase

Just thought I'd post some details about my 'Engel' mittens, seeing as I've had a number of enquiries over the last week.

They are knitted in pure wool 4 ply yarn, so they're nice and thin, whilst being lovely and warm for winter.

If you're interested, you can leave a post here for me with your email address (which I won't post publicly for obvious reasons!) or else, if you know me at Facebook, you can leave me a message there also.

They are currently priced at £30.00 (excl P&P) so please let me know where you live in order that I can let you have the total cost.

As you can see, they are rather adorable, especially on the lovely models Amy and Brooklynn pictured here!

Hope you like them, and thanks once again for the interest they seem to have generated - if my knitting needles are anything to go by! LOL



Wednesday, 3 November 2010


And was I a busy bee or what? Don't think I've ever knitted so much in one week before, but I did have fun doing so! Most definitely felt like my Grandmother, who taught me to knit when I was 5 years old, was spurring me on to knit faster and faster - I'm surprised I didn't have sparks flying off my bamboo needles! LOL

In total, I knitted 3 shrugs (well almost Katherine, but you know the story about the rogue ball of yarn by now!) and 4 pairs of mittens!

Two of the shrugs are pictured here - the powdery one and another winter white one - the lovely shrug I knitted for my dear friend Katherine is the most wonderful shade of dark grey, with whispy bits of off white mohair running through it now and again - the shade is called 'Mountain' and it definitely reminds me of craggy rocks (am I getting a little verbose here?) I will post that one once it's finished as it is rather stunning - but not until Katherine sees it first!

This divine one is for me as I've wanted one in that lovely powdery Odd Molly shade to go with all my tunics and tops for a while and so I went to one of my favourite yarn stores Stash in Chester last week and spent ages in there attempting to find the perfect colour in a chunky yarn - but sadly, couldn't find anything. Then the nice lady in the store asked if I would like a coffee, so of course I said yes, and with that it gave me more time to just wander around the shop and take in all the fabulous yarns they had there, and with that, found the perfect shade of powder.......only to discover that they only had 2 balls left and that it had been discontinued - I was desolate! LOL. However not for long, as I decided to use them to 'accent' a shrug in a lovely beige shade and so now, I'm the proud owner of something that will go with just about any of my Odd Molly tunics - happy days indeed!

And here's two of the four pairs of mitts I made last week - dusky pink, chalk, powder and that wonderful shade of framboise, pictured here a few weeks back! Two of these pictured here are winging their way to the US and should be arriving any day soon!

And finally, one to put a smile on your face - wellie-tastic or what? This was taken last Saturday, just before I headed off to my friends for a bit of a gathering. I put the wellies on for two reasons; firstly, she has a Staffordshire bull terrier called Ruffy, who, to say the least, is a little 'playful' so much so that she stood on my toes twice, so these came in handy - mind you, she did also manage to knock me over, but thankfully my friends husband caught me in time; and secondly, I had to walk back home down a muddy country lane as it's just about the end of harvesting time in the countryside so fancy boots or shoes don't cut it round here!

And with that, I'm outta here to finish off another pair of mittens.......technically, that means I made 5 pairs then - phew!

Wishing you all a wonderfully relaxing Sunday, wherever you may be!

Stor Klem!