Saturday, 13 November 2010

BLING, BLING. - why not do it yourself?

I tried on these beautiful jeans from an Italian designer called MET jeans when I was in Corsica in the summer, and it's probably just as well they didn't fit me, as they cost a whopping 280 euros - ouch! Having said that, if they had fitted me, I'd have been in a quandry and would have wanted to buy them, so perhaps there was a reason that they didn't, as they gave me the idea to create my own....

Once I arrived home, I set about finding a perfect pair of washed out, ripped jeans, and you know, I was struggling -that was, until I found these perfect mammas in the sale in Zara, for £14.99 - fabulous or what? And this is what I came up with.....

Basically, I took all my Grandmothers lovely diamante buttons off everything (again!) and stitched them onto the waistband - along with buying a few more buttons and then voila, the finished article!

To say they look stunning in real life would be an understatement - they're bling-tastic! LOL

It's a real shame the photos don't do them justice, as they really are quite sparkly!

And this what they look like on.....very bling and just as pretty as the originals, if not prettier in my humble opinion!

This is an easy look for anyone to recreate, but it's not for the fainthearted, as it takes a lot of diamante buttons to create the look and I had a good starting point with my Grandmas lot -plus, if you take then on holiday, they're rather heavy - but worth it I think!

And still not as expensive as the originals so a good result indeed!

Hope everyone's having a relaxing weekend!




  1. Wow they look great and I like the blingy shoes too.

    I have a box full of embellishment jewels and studs and a hand press machine that I use for scrapbooking but they could easily be used on denim jean pockets or a thin belt.

    I think you've given me something to do tomorrow. If I do get around to doing something I'll send you a photo of the finished project.


  2. Hey thanks Karen!

    Wow, that machine of yours sounds like a good idea for me also - looking forward to seeing how you get on, perhaps you can tell me a bit mroe about where you got it from - a craft shop I presume?

    Have fun - looking forward to seeing the photies in FB or wherever!


  3. Hejsa
    Jeg har tildelt dig en Award :)

    Do you understand danish?


  4. Hejsa Annette!

    Well you know I speak a little Norwegian and Swedish, so I can get by! ;-)

    Thank you for my award - but what's it for? LOL

    Ha en god helg!