Monday, 9 August 2010


At last I'm the proud owner of my very first FOL in Powder in a size 1. Having never had the opportunity to try one on before, I now realise that they do indeed run on the large side, so when I find/buy my next one - hopefully in either white or chalk, I will make sure I get a size 0 - not to say that I'm not thrilled with the one I have, just hindsight is a wonderful thing, no?!

Anyway, prior to buying one, those of you who read my blog here will know that I designed my very own, which I wanted to be more like a dress, so I made it a little longer, as I had a feeling that the original was a bit short - but it isn't, however, after spending a small fortune, time and effort - and a lot of sleepless nights wondering how to create this vision of beauty just from a few pictures, I realised when I took my own version on holiday with me, that it's just too big for me! The real bugbear is that it took me ages sourcing all the wonderful lace used in it, but hey-ho, there's absolutely no point in hanging onto somethting just to look at it in the wardrobe every now and then is there? So, with that in mind, I'm offering it for sale here!

For more details on my version, see the original posting here:

As you can see, when laid on top of one another, my version is indeed longer, there's not much difference in the width, but I would definitely say that mine is a size 2 for sure!

The lace I've used is fabulous - easily as good if not better quality than that used in the Odd Molly FOL and was very expensive-hence it makes it all the more difficult to let this one go, but like I say, there's no point in holding onto it, as I'd rather have someone else enjoy wearing this sweet little thing!

It is offered for sale at £85.00 (postage extra) via Paypal.

When you consider just how much an original one costs, I think it's a favourable price indeed!




Yes well I did rather go mad these last few weeks making shorts - so much so that I almost didn't stop!

It started with some white broderie anglais material that I bought last year but had never got round to using, so I decided to make some shorts to give away in a drawer (pardon the pun!) for my friends in FB and it was a nice fun thing to do!

Once I'd made this cute little pair, I liked them soo very much - well I just couldn't bear to give them away - so I had to make some more! LOL What a great start to the giveaway!

A beautiful girl from Sweden by the name of Maria won this sweet little pair, and they're winging their way to her as I type!

I guess this sweet little pair are my favourites as they were made from scrap of material I had left over - I've used soo much of this pink broderie anglais material for customers of late that I had to do something with the tiny piece which was left! And yes, as usual, there's no way I'm parting with these little mamas as they were finished with the most adorable taupe grey lace which I bought from Norway a while ago.

Then, as a slight departure, I made a skirt!

As you know by now, I love to recycle, and so this skirt started out as a pretty little cotton dress that I bought a few years back, which I didn't like any more, but couldn't bear to part with the pretty white embroidered material, so I cut it into a skirt and added some pretty finishes to it!

The pretty cream lace and pale pink grosgrain ribbon just finish it off I think!

Perfect for my next holiday with a Boudoir Wrap!