Wednesday, 30 March 2011


And isn’t it wonderful? I have lots of cut twigs of Forsythia, and Blossom etc. all around the home and they’re now starting to bud and they just make everything feel so much happier and Spring-like!

Anyway, I thought I would post these lovely little cotton wristlets as I almost threw them away the other day without realising it – phew, thank heavens I didn’t as they are soo pretty!

They are such a wonderful shade, very like the Vintage Powder shade that Odd Molly do so well. They’re made from a lovely 4 ply cotton, making them very light and perfect for Spring/Summer wear.

This is another pair which I recently made to go with my lovely Vintage Powder Remix blouse, and they work perfectly together!

They also work so well with this sweet little Odd Molly jumper from a previous collection.


And I recently made a pair for a lovely girl who wanted them to go with this sweet silk tank – and I can see why she did now, as the colour works perfectly!

So then, seeing as I thankfully did not throw this pair away, they are now offered for sale at £35.00 exc. of P&P.

Thank you for dropping by – wishing you a lovely day – it’s raining here! Sad smile

Stor klem til deg!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Well I'm back from a weeks skiing and into the thick of things again with these little wristlets of mine - in all the colours of the Odd Molly spectrum to boot!

So then,  I thought it was about time I posted some of the lovelies who have been kind enough to support my designs over the past year - for now, I will only post photos of those wearing my knitwear as I don't want to embarrass anyone wearing a pair of my shorts from the Boudoir sets, just in case!

Above, wearing a pretty little chalk coloured shrug is beautiful Maria from Sweden. Doesn't she looks divine! I think it really compliments her Odd Molly dress so well!  If only I lived close to her in Sweden, I'd love to have her model all my clothing and accessories!

And here she is once again, wearing a pair of my Powder Sleevewarmers - in fact, they look so much nicer on her than they did me, as Maria has such pretty hands

We always seem to purchase the same Odd Molly items from each collection, so I guess you could say we have the same Molly tastes!

And the lovely girls from Fitts & Co, Amy and Brooklynn wearing my 'Engel' Wristlets. They really do compliment their Odd Molly cardigans, don't you think?

Like Maria, Amy has the most beautiful hands (not that Brooklynn doesn't!) as you just can't see hers!

And here's lovely Kristina Maria from Denmark, wearing her pretty little Chalk 'Engel' wristlets - I've lost count of just how many pairs of these little mamma's I've made so far! Pretty jewellery indeed!

And lastly for now, lovely Ellen from Sweden, wearing a pair of my Powder cotton 'Engel' wristlets, which she recently received - love her outfit and the way she has layered so well, well done Ellen, looking good!

I'd just like to say a big 'Thank You!' to everyone out there who has supported my designs over the last few years, as it really means a lot to me, and if anyone out there has purchased something from me and would like their photo published here, please drop me a line and let me know, as I'd love to add more of you!

And with that, I really need to get back to some more knitting, whilst sitting in the Spring sun with a nice cup of hot chocolate - as whilst the sun is shining, it's not that warm! LOL

Wishing you all a sunny day - wherever you may be!

Stor klem til deg!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Sounds like a line from '  Monty Pythons' but actually I've been so inspired by the lovely colours from the recent Odd Molly A/W 11 preview shots, that it spurred me onto to making some new mittens for the forthcoming season - already! Now that may be the case in the fashion world, where they're months of us mere mortals in terms of what's hot, but nevertheless, I couldn't help myself!

I'm calling this pair (the other one is finished but just needs finishing off!) my 'Vintage Berry Engel Mittens' and instead of knitting them in just one shade, I was inspired to go over-the-top with the colours, just like Odd Molly have done, which is wonderful indeed! The shades of rose pink and chalk work so very well and will go with just about anything in that shade range.

Right now I'm working on another pair which are in the rose pink shade, with vintage berry edging and will be finished off with chalk crocheted edge, and these are also very stunning, so watch this space!

To make things a little different, I've moved the bow to the bottom edge of the mitten instead of up at the top, so it will always be on show, and it looks very effective this way!

If you want to be in there first, both pairs of mittens will be for sale at £35.00 (excl of P&P) but don't worry, as there will be many different variations coming along soon!

You can see how well they go with this pretty little shrug which I recently made in an alpaca silk yarn, and it's the most luxurious thing I've ever knitted!

This shrug is still available but at a reduced price of £50.00 as I desperately need to shift things on as my craft room is getting untidy again! P&P is extra of course! The yarn cost me more than this so this is something not to be missed!

Happy shopping and once again, thanks for dropping by!

Stor klem!



No, not snow, just more knitting in my favorite colour - well of course! 
I've been busy knitting again and here are my latest wares........


These pretty little wristlets are knitted in a 4ply cotton yarn, which makes them ideal for Spring/Summer, and they are a perfect match for any Odd Molly powder item of clothing - trust me, that's why I wear them! 

I've lost count just how many pairs of these little pretties I've made now!

They are for sale at £35.00 (excl P&P)


Try as I may, I just can't capture how sparkly these beauties are, they're adorable!

Made from a mixture of the 4ply cotton yarn and a very fine metallic yarn, they work very together, and this metallic yarn can be knitted in with any other 4ply yarn and in differing metallic shades - the possibilities are endless - I love knitting these as they look so pretty and make them fun to do!

They really do sparkle in the light!
Here you can see both wristlets - the addition of metallic yarn makes them look very different but just as sweet. I made this pair for an upcoming evening event, and intend to wear them with my Odd Molly Berry Dress, along with a matching shawl I'm in the process of finishing - watch this space!

Due to the addition of the metallic yarn, these are offered for sale at £40.00 (excl of P&P)


These wonderful powder legwarmers/fake socks have been so popular since I started making them, that I recently decided to make them a little longer, with the addition of 3 extra pattern reps, which means you can wear them more slouchy, which works really well!

Ilse Jacobsens, Hunters or just any old pair of boots, these sweet little things will take them to another level!

This pair is offered for a 'one-off' price of £30.00 (excl of P&P)

If you're interested in any of the items, please leave a post for me here - I won't post your contact details, so rest assured!

Happy shopping and many thanks for dropping by!

Stor klem til deg!