Wednesday, 9 March 2011


No, not snow, just more knitting in my favorite colour - well of course! 
I've been busy knitting again and here are my latest wares........


These pretty little wristlets are knitted in a 4ply cotton yarn, which makes them ideal for Spring/Summer, and they are a perfect match for any Odd Molly powder item of clothing - trust me, that's why I wear them! 

I've lost count just how many pairs of these little pretties I've made now!

They are for sale at £35.00 (excl P&P)


Try as I may, I just can't capture how sparkly these beauties are, they're adorable!

Made from a mixture of the 4ply cotton yarn and a very fine metallic yarn, they work very together, and this metallic yarn can be knitted in with any other 4ply yarn and in differing metallic shades - the possibilities are endless - I love knitting these as they look so pretty and make them fun to do!

They really do sparkle in the light!
Here you can see both wristlets - the addition of metallic yarn makes them look very different but just as sweet. I made this pair for an upcoming evening event, and intend to wear them with my Odd Molly Berry Dress, along with a matching shawl I'm in the process of finishing - watch this space!

Due to the addition of the metallic yarn, these are offered for sale at £40.00 (excl of P&P)


These wonderful powder legwarmers/fake socks have been so popular since I started making them, that I recently decided to make them a little longer, with the addition of 3 extra pattern reps, which means you can wear them more slouchy, which works really well!

Ilse Jacobsens, Hunters or just any old pair of boots, these sweet little things will take them to another level!

This pair is offered for a 'one-off' price of £30.00 (excl of P&P)

If you're interested in any of the items, please leave a post for me here - I won't post your contact details, so rest assured!

Happy shopping and many thanks for dropping by!

Stor klem til deg!



  1. I am thinking about these lovely sleeve warmers but do not know if I can make the purchase. Please e-mail me and tell me how I can make payment and I am unsure about the currency.
    Happy knitting!!!
    Karen XOXO

  2. Hi Karen!

    Do you mean the plain Powder wristlets on this blog post? These are no longer available but I can make a pair for you!

    I accept Paypal for payment and if you don't have an account, it's very easy to set one up. If you want to post again here with your email address, I can let you have some more details. The payment will be in GBP Sterling. If you also let me know what country you live in, I can let you know the postage costs also.

    And don't worry, I won't publish your email address!

    Many Thanks for the enquiry - have a nice weekend!

    Best Wishes


  3. Hello!

    I have seen so many cute things that you make, you're really good! I was wondering if you have the sparkling ones left? I just love them!

    / Janni, from Sweden

  4. Hej Janni!

    Sorry for the late reply but I just got back from a skiing trip last night.

    The sparkly ones on the blog are sold, but I can easily make a pair for you - if you want to leave another post with your email address I will contact you with more details - and please don't worry, I never publish personal details!

    Have a lovely day - hope the sun is shining on you!



  5. Hi!
    Finally I have got an account, a google id. Have you sold those lovely leg warmers? I would love to buy them, perfect for this cold spring it is in Norway now!
    Best wishes from

  6. Hei Mona!

    I've just made another pair which you could buy in Powder! If you leave me a message here with your email address, I will let you have all the details - and please don't worry, I don't publish personal details!

    Best wishes and thanks for the enquiry!

    Stor klem og ha en God Helg!