Thursday, 10 June 2010


Well that's what they remind me of anyway, but I rather love them actually, just haven't been able to get hold of a pair in the lite powder, but hey-ho, story of my life yeah? LOL

So I took one look at this sketch and decided (as usual!) to have a go at making a pair for myself and this is what I came up with.......

I wanted mine to match my white broderie anglais wrap and the nice thing about them is that they do indeed look like a skirt when they're on, which makes them look soo very sweet!

I didn't add the gathered panel on mine, but as I'm thinking of re-working them in a silk satin, I may well do it then! A little less gangster's moll I think!

Almost time for my holiday!




Well I spent yesterday playing 'dress up' and having fun deciding what to take with me on my holiday - but this little lot have made it onto the 'list' for sure!

Just a few pieces of Odd Molly this time, as I'm planning to take a whole batch of duds I've made for myself, plus other bits and bobs, like my lovely new Calou clogs, these pretty little flatties from Zara, a new one piece (can only just call it that!) along with my favourite customised VB jeans which will go well with the costume - bit of a 'statement' piece for me, but it looks rather fab on! LOL

Then there's my lovely beach towel from 'Vive Maria' that I never got to use last summer!

Right then, I'm off for some fun in the sun - see you soon!

Mange Klem!


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

MORE BOUDOIR WRAPS - and some thoughts as I pass this way........

I recently made these for a lovely girl from Sweden and as she received them yesterday, and is very happy with them, I can now post some photies here!

This white one is the same material as mine, but with the usual sleeve finish - this lace is very pretty!

A nice detailed shot!

The lovely pale pink one is more like a cotton voile material - very light but just as pretty!

I guess this is an ideal time to explain a little about my designs and what I can offer. I'm not a big company like Odd Molly and Andersen and Lauth etc, and as such, I'm not in a position to be able to purchase massive amounts of fabrics and trimmings from the likes of India and China - and because it's just little ol' me, it takes me longer to complete a garment, but I like to think that quality is of the utmost importance to me - hence, I will always endeavour to make sure that the finishing inside is as good as that on the outside! The pink and white lace on this was a 'one-off' that I came by recently and is a perfect example of how I have to take time to research and find materials and trimmings to buy for customers orders. I'm also in a position where it's not always possible for me to place bulk orders either, but I do what I can!

I think we all need to recognise that that there are companies out there selling amazingly cheap but pretty clothes that are mass produced in the afore-mentioned countries, and as a seamstress, I can only imagine how unrewarding it must be for the people who work in those factories, putting in long shifts for little money with no real recognition for what they achieve. It's rather sad, and trust me, I've also purchased these type of clothes - but I guess because I know how long it takes me to complete one boudoir wrap, I never take anything I buy for granted whatsover!

Anyway, I'll jump down off my soapbox now, just some thoughts of mine! LOL

I would also like to say a big 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who has purchased one of my designs - it means a lot to me!


KAN DU HJELPE MEG IGJEN - Photographic advice required!

My friend asked for a photie of me wearing some of my creations and as you know, I'm a bit on the shy side, but I attempted to take some photies in front of a mirror - except they're not very good, so I'm going to have to ask all you folk out there who know what you're doing for some advice please!!

See, this is another reason why I don't bother attempting to take my photie! I didn't want to use the flash on my Nikon either so it's kind of hazy!

And I'll be happy when my sofa's in the background are taken away tomorrow and re-upholstered in something more suitable - then I can put my new rug down! LOL

All comments/advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Then you would be wrong, as it's my little tunic! Let's just say that I like them to fit rather closely - having said that, this does rather look like the size of dress I'm planning to make for my friends beautiful little girl!

On this one, I stitched the rows very tightly, but normally they would be about every 5/8 of an inch or so - this way you also use less elastic - lesson learnt then! ;-)

Looks sweet with the shorts, even if it looks out of proportion with them, trust me, they work so well together - perfect for my holiday in fact!

Well you didn't think I was going to let you go away without watching Mr Harket, did you?




A Dragonfly or should I say Oyenstikker to the Norwegian folk here - cue for a wonderful song by a Mr Furuholmen methinks!

And this is the final version of this that I will make, as I'm giving up on it for good! This one has turned out like a cross between my Berry Dress and the non-existent FOL I'm still coveting! :-(

As you can see, it has elements of both dresses in the design.

Notice the little Dragonfly trinket at the neckline? See, that's how it got it's name - plus, I was listening to the song at the time - well I couldn't really called it a 'Field Of Berries Dress' could I? LOL

Looks nice on tho, especially with the pink boudoir wrap!

And for those of you curious about the song, here it is!

Still prefer Mortens version tho!



Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Think just about every Odd Molly lovely out there has one of these beauties in their wardrobe apart from little ol' me! :-(

I thought yesterday I may be the lucky owner of one in powder but unfortunately, the lady who was planning to sell it, changed her mind - well I can kind of understand that, but having never seen one in this shade before, I was soo excited, that I knew precisely what I would wear it with, at an upcoming wedding, but now, sadly, that won't be happening!

So I have a double plea - firstly, to anyone out there who may pass this way and read my blog......if you have a FOL in powder in either a size 0 or 1, whether new or used, and you're wishing to sell it, would you please, please contact me as soon as possible please!

I would also like one in white, in either size, so if you know of anyone who's interested in selling one of these beauties, please contact me here! Just leave a post for me and I will get back to you! :-)

Secondly, I also have another reason for wanting to get my hands on one, and that is, as you know, I've recently come up with my own 'homage' to this design, and whilst it's fine, I know that until I actually get to see one with my own eyes and have the opportunity to look at one inside out etc, I will never be fully happy with the interpretation I've come up with!

So you see, this is another reason that I must own one of these beauties, so that I can start re-working the design - making it a little more simpler, and therefore, affordable for everyone who's asked about purchasing one from me!

I cannot understand why Odd Molly haven't repeated this darling little tunic, as there is such a demand for it, like the Four Continents dress, which up until this collection, has been a staple, it's something they should consider putting in the collection again.

Here's hoping someone can come to my rescue - wishing you all a lovely day!