Wednesday, 9 June 2010

KAN DU HJELPE MEG IGJEN - Photographic advice required!

My friend asked for a photie of me wearing some of my creations and as you know, I'm a bit on the shy side, but I attempted to take some photies in front of a mirror - except they're not very good, so I'm going to have to ask all you folk out there who know what you're doing for some advice please!!

See, this is another reason why I don't bother attempting to take my photie! I didn't want to use the flash on my Nikon either so it's kind of hazy!

And I'll be happy when my sofa's in the background are taken away tomorrow and re-upholstered in something more suitable - then I can put my new rug down! LOL

All comments/advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!



  1. so cute!! i think the photos are pretty!
    its so hard to take self pics..
    i sometimes use my mac computer
    so i can press the timer and then move..
    light shining on you is always good
    anyway your creations are so amazing
    they stand on their own!!
    absolutely lovely
    and your HOUSE! huge and gorgeous :)

  2. Hey Lovely girl, nice to see you drop by!

    Thank you soo much for your sweet comments, you're such a dearheart!xx

    It's been suggested that I use the timer setting on my camera, and get the lighting set up properley, so I'll give that a go next time!

    I like my house too and right now, I have hardly any furniture in that room, as my sofas were taken away this morning to be recovered, so the room is echoing madly! LOL

    Have a lovely weekend and looking forward to hearing some more of your beautiful voice real soon - having said that, you're on my iPod and are going with me to Corsica - YAY!!