Wednesday, 9 June 2010

MORE BOUDOIR WRAPS - and some thoughts as I pass this way........

I recently made these for a lovely girl from Sweden and as she received them yesterday, and is very happy with them, I can now post some photies here!

This white one is the same material as mine, but with the usual sleeve finish - this lace is very pretty!

A nice detailed shot!

The lovely pale pink one is more like a cotton voile material - very light but just as pretty!

I guess this is an ideal time to explain a little about my designs and what I can offer. I'm not a big company like Odd Molly and Andersen and Lauth etc, and as such, I'm not in a position to be able to purchase massive amounts of fabrics and trimmings from the likes of India and China - and because it's just little ol' me, it takes me longer to complete a garment, but I like to think that quality is of the utmost importance to me - hence, I will always endeavour to make sure that the finishing inside is as good as that on the outside! The pink and white lace on this was a 'one-off' that I came by recently and is a perfect example of how I have to take time to research and find materials and trimmings to buy for customers orders. I'm also in a position where it's not always possible for me to place bulk orders either, but I do what I can!

I think we all need to recognise that that there are companies out there selling amazingly cheap but pretty clothes that are mass produced in the afore-mentioned countries, and as a seamstress, I can only imagine how unrewarding it must be for the people who work in those factories, putting in long shifts for little money with no real recognition for what they achieve. It's rather sad, and trust me, I've also purchased these type of clothes - but I guess because I know how long it takes me to complete one boudoir wrap, I never take anything I buy for granted whatsover!

Anyway, I'll jump down off my soapbox now, just some thoughts of mine! LOL

I would also like to say a big 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who has purchased one of my designs - it means a lot to me!


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