Thursday, 10 June 2010


Well I spent yesterday playing 'dress up' and having fun deciding what to take with me on my holiday - but this little lot have made it onto the 'list' for sure!

Just a few pieces of Odd Molly this time, as I'm planning to take a whole batch of duds I've made for myself, plus other bits and bobs, like my lovely new Calou clogs, these pretty little flatties from Zara, a new one piece (can only just call it that!) along with my favourite customised VB jeans which will go well with the costume - bit of a 'statement' piece for me, but it looks rather fab on! LOL

Then there's my lovely beach towel from 'Vive Maria' that I never got to use last summer!

Right then, I'm off for some fun in the sun - see you soon!

Mange Klem!


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