Friday, 19 February 2010

KAN DU HJELPE MEG?.....someone needs to!

Oh dear, what a dilemma, as I have a number of items I could wear to my friends wedding, but I just cannot make my mind up - now please don't ask me to model these items, as I'm the shy type, but any ideas/suggestions you may have will be taken on board and be most welcome!

So you know what the jacket and mittens look like, now here's some examples of what may be going on underneath!

Thing is, I've bought a number of Odd Molly items from the Autumn/Winter collection which I haven't really worn yet, so I wanted to capitalise on one of them, but you guessed it, when it came to the crunch, I ordered something else - just in case, and now I'm even more confused!!

So here goes - the basis of the outfit will be this Odd Molly spoiler and underskirt in a beautiful colour called 'Powder' which is soo pretty, and over them, I want to wear one of the following tunic's/dress.......

Now major Odd Molly devotees out there can tell you the name of every item in a collection, whilst I nearly always forget, however, I can always tell you what collection an item is from, so I'm not that bad!

This pretty little silk/cotton number is from the A/W 09 collection and looks wonderful on!

This Powder lace tunic looks super pretty on! I bought this to wear to the a-ha concert at the MEN arena in November last year, well that was until......

I visited the Odd Molly concept store in late September last year and saw the Chalk version and decided that I would buy this and wear it instead - so I saved the Powder one for New Year's Eve! (any old excuse!) LOL

Then this little beauty arrived from Denmark yesterday and now I'm really stuck! This photo doesn't do justice to how adorable this dress is, but I'm a bit concerned as my friend has one and tells me that it runs small - especially across the bust, so I'm going to have to try it on this weekend and make my mind up about it - gosh, I do hope it fits......

The embroidery is stunning!

So then, what should I wear? If you have a fave which will go with the silk undergarments, leave me a post and let me know!

Well at least I've got a nice necklace to wear with whatever I decide on and here it's from Jeanne d'Arc Living and I bought it from Tracey at French Larkspur (which is a beautiful blog that you simply must visit sometime!)

I'm pleased to say that I'm sorted for the evening - black Dolce and Gabanna silk chiffon empire line dress with killer heels - for those who know me, the ones I wore to the RAH in May 08!!

So then, what do you think? I really do need help with this, as right now, I'm at a complete loss! LOL

On a lighter note, the invitation says 'black tie' for men, and this guy came to mind - wonder if he's free on that day?........he can even bring his guitar if he wants to!



WEDDING DAY MITTENS (oh and a jacket too!)

Well at least these little mamas are definites (and my jacket!) for my friend Sally's wedding at the end of March - yikes, it's only 5 weeks tomorrow!

I love the recent fingerless mittens I've made - in so many different colourways that I've lost count, but these are amongst my favourites as the colour is called 'Cameo' and the yarn is Rowan Pure Wool 4 Ply and knits up really nicely.

This time I've made them up in one colour rather than a contrasting crocheted edge - heck, I've even made the crocheted bow the same, which is a first for me! I've made them a bit longer than the usual 7 or 8 repeats, as I want them to cover gap as the arm of the jacket is shorter, so having just tried them on, they look perfect together.

And this is my lovely jacket from an older Odd Molly collection and it always looks so pretty on. The only thing I would say that I dislike about Odd Molly now and again (forgive me, other devotees out there!) is that I don't like it when the edgings are not finished off properley, like on this jacket, as I don't like the frayed effect, so when I decided I couldn't bear it any longer, I added some cream lace to the bottom, which actually finishes it off just fine!

But the 'piece de resistance' for those of you who don't know this jacket is.......

Yup, the back - isn't it fabulous? ;-)

Every time I wear it, I receive numerous compliments on how pretty it is, so it's definitely one of my favourite Odd Molly purchases (but not the most famous!)

Now I just need to find a pretty scarf or shawl to wear on the day! I covet one from - yeah you guessed it, Odd Molly, but I have this one I wore in Stockholm back in September, so I may just go with it, as I still have to find a bag and some shoes....heck, I haven't got long have I?

This cream lace scarf is from Noa Noa and always looks right with the jacket, but I may push the boat out and get something else, we shall see......

I'll bet you're wondering what the hell I'm wearing under the jacket.....well that's the topic for discussion in my next posting; oh-la-la, where do I start! LOL



Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I’ve always loved shrugs and whilst I was in Stockholm recently, I saw a pretty little one that I wanted to buy, but as it was Sunday, the shop was closed, so I made a point to go back on the Monday before I headed off home, only to find that the shop was closed then also!

On the flight back, I made some notes as I only had my memory to go on, but when I got home, I attempted to recreate the pretty little thing I saw draped over a mannequins dummy and here’s my version……they’re lovely for throwing over a nice top or dress and keep you snug and warm!

I’ve made 2 grey ones now - one initially for my friend Corina (still waiting for a photie hon!) and when I saw hers, I had to have one for myself!

And then I made another for my friend Steffi, but this time with a ribbed cowl neck top - and yeah, when I saw how hers turned out, I had to have one for myself also!

As you can see from the detailed photo, I've crocheted both edges to make it nice and fancy, as well as the addition of a little bow on the side of the shrug, as I love to embellish things and it just finishes it nicely!

Then the very last one, in cream, which I wore to bits whilst I was in Lech at Christmas!

And another in progress in a lovely bluey grey colour - can see me making as many of these as those mittens of mine! LOL.

But this one will be a present for someone or other I’m sure!


Friday, 12 February 2010


You know me by now, there's nothing I love more than recycling items - in fact, my Grandma used to say that I was a little magpie, hoarding things as a child, but I only ever kept the good stuff, and this lot definitely ranks amongst some of the better things I've kept.

I love to wear crocheted jewellery, especially in the summer, with a light tan, as it just looks soo pretty, so I decided to make some new stuff, but this time, embellish it with some of my stash of all things sparkly.

Crocheted chokers are very popular for sure, and this year, my offerings have been kept simple, in order to support the jewellery sewn onto them, but as usual, I've crocheted a fancy shell edging in a contrasting colour to make it all stand out.

These little gemstones were off a pair of old shoes I bought back in 2001 - I hated the shoes but loved the sparklies on them! Suffice to say, I only wore the shoes about twice and cut all the good stuff off, so the stones have been sitting in a box, waiting for me to make my mind up what to use them on - I have two sets of 5 stones and 2 sets of 3 stones, so that's two necklaces and chokers to be made - veldig bra!

So, one choker made and a bracelet too!

Crocheted bracelets are little more unusal, but you do see them around. I like the idea of this one just being tied in a knot around the wrist. This one will be winging it's way to somewhere next week!

And then there's this pretty little one, which I'm definitely keeping, as it has some of my Grandma's diamante buttons sewn onto it! I've had these pretty little things for more years than I can remember, so they're very special to me! They are the tiny round ones on each end, and the squares - the others are from more recent stashes......

I wore this one when I was on holiday last week and everyone loved it, so it looks like I've a few orders already - yippee!!

Hope they've inspired you to have a go!


JEG TROR PA ENGELER (I believe in Angels) of course I do!

These adorable little angels live in my craft room on my winter tree, which is staying put all year round now! I believe it's a Norsk tradition, that if you leave your Christmas decorations up after 6th January, you have to keep them up till Easter - well in this case, these beauties are staying - for good!

I originally bought two of the hanging decorations in January 2009, and fell in love with them, but I couldn't source them anywhere else, then the day before I headed off skiing at Christmas, when the snow was on the ground, I went to my local garden centre to get some birdfood for the very fat birdies that live in my garden and saw a table full of sale items, and low and behold, I managed to puchase all of these decorations and the two figures standing at the bottom of the tree for next-to-nothing - talk about serendipity, I was beside myself with glee! LOL. They are made by a company called Gisella Graham.

Their detail is simply stunning and I just cannot stop popping into my craft room to look at them!

I've decided to name this one after my very best friend Corina (hope you like her hon, as she's very pretty!)

And this one is me, because she has blonde hair and wears a beanie hat, like I always do when it's cold!

And the one below is named 'Tipsy Angel' because she just sits on the tree, but keeps falling over and has her panties on show all the time! Perhaps she should be called 'Fallen Angel' instead!

I'm wondering who I should name this one after, Steffi or Susie?

You can see just why I love these little beauties so much........

They just look soo pretty, amongst the frosty branches and the angels wings,the 'Believe' sign and the frosty chiffon bows, finished off with my friend Kirsten's silvery angels and snowflakes! And I love blowing on them so that they swing everywhere! (I'm quite mad, I know!) LOL

And the finishing touch, a snowglobe, which plays the song 'Winter Wonderland'!

I love Goldfrapps version of this song (thank heavens for Shazam on iPhones!) and have been listening to it since the beginning of December!

Engeler i snoen - Angels in the snow (cue for another song methinks?!)