Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I’ve always loved shrugs and whilst I was in Stockholm recently, I saw a pretty little one that I wanted to buy, but as it was Sunday, the shop was closed, so I made a point to go back on the Monday before I headed off home, only to find that the shop was closed then also!

On the flight back, I made some notes as I only had my memory to go on, but when I got home, I attempted to recreate the pretty little thing I saw draped over a mannequins dummy and here’s my version……they’re lovely for throwing over a nice top or dress and keep you snug and warm!

I’ve made 2 grey ones now - one initially for my friend Corina (still waiting for a photie hon!) and when I saw hers, I had to have one for myself!

And then I made another for my friend Steffi, but this time with a ribbed cowl neck top - and yeah, when I saw how hers turned out, I had to have one for myself also!

As you can see from the detailed photo, I've crocheted both edges to make it nice and fancy, as well as the addition of a little bow on the side of the shrug, as I love to embellish things and it just finishes it nicely!

Then the very last one, in cream, which I wore to bits whilst I was in Lech at Christmas!

And another in progress in a lovely bluey grey colour - can see me making as many of these as those mittens of mine! LOL.

But this one will be a present for someone or other I’m sure!



  1. Hello!
    What a nice blog you have, so cute clothes!
    Have you done them?
    Similar bit Odd Molly ...

  2. Hej Charlotte!

    Thank you for your kind comments! Yes I do make my own clothes and I guess you could say that they are in the style of Odd Molly!! ;-)

    I have a whole wardrobe of their lovely designs and you could say that I'm a bit like all you Odd Molly bloggers I've recently found - just haven't posted any here yet but I may do soon!

    Where you at the meet up in Stockholm on September 26th? If so, I just happened to be there and visit the shop and I remembered quite a number of you from Malenami's photies -

    I wish we had a concept store in the UK, but great news on the forthcoming the website (for me at least!)

    Thanks for posting a comment!


  3. I just love the grey ones! Lovely colour!
    I took a look at the Odd Molly website, as I wasn't familiar with their clothes. Even though you have a lot from this line, you've managed to make the "look" your own as well! I don't know how you do it!
    I say you should start your own clothes line with *your* signature colours!

  4. Yeah, the grey does look wonderful on - must finish the darker bluey-grey one I started sometime soon!

    As for my own clothes line, one of these days when I can source (cheaply and regularly!) materials and trimmings, I will get round to producing a capsule collection!

    Must try harder then!

    Thank you for your kind comments my dear!