Friday, 19 February 2010

WEDDING DAY MITTENS (oh and a jacket too!)

Well at least these little mamas are definites (and my jacket!) for my friend Sally's wedding at the end of March - yikes, it's only 5 weeks tomorrow!

I love the recent fingerless mittens I've made - in so many different colourways that I've lost count, but these are amongst my favourites as the colour is called 'Cameo' and the yarn is Rowan Pure Wool 4 Ply and knits up really nicely.

This time I've made them up in one colour rather than a contrasting crocheted edge - heck, I've even made the crocheted bow the same, which is a first for me! I've made them a bit longer than the usual 7 or 8 repeats, as I want them to cover gap as the arm of the jacket is shorter, so having just tried them on, they look perfect together.

And this is my lovely jacket from an older Odd Molly collection and it always looks so pretty on. The only thing I would say that I dislike about Odd Molly now and again (forgive me, other devotees out there!) is that I don't like it when the edgings are not finished off properley, like on this jacket, as I don't like the frayed effect, so when I decided I couldn't bear it any longer, I added some cream lace to the bottom, which actually finishes it off just fine!

But the 'piece de resistance' for those of you who don't know this jacket is.......

Yup, the back - isn't it fabulous? ;-)

Every time I wear it, I receive numerous compliments on how pretty it is, so it's definitely one of my favourite Odd Molly purchases (but not the most famous!)

Now I just need to find a pretty scarf or shawl to wear on the day! I covet one from - yeah you guessed it, Odd Molly, but I have this one I wore in Stockholm back in September, so I may just go with it, as I still have to find a bag and some shoes....heck, I haven't got long have I?

This cream lace scarf is from Noa Noa and always looks right with the jacket, but I may push the boat out and get something else, we shall see......

I'll bet you're wondering what the hell I'm wearing under the jacket.....well that's the topic for discussion in my next posting; oh-la-la, where do I start! LOL




  1. The mittens are REALLY lovely! Did you knit these in the round?
    You should make another pair in the colour that matches the motif in the back. The pair you made is just perfect for the wedding, but a darker pair (matching the motif) would be great for a more casual affair!

  2. No, they're seamed up the palm! Un bel di my dear, un bel di!!LOL

    Don't know about you, but I hate knitting with black, so that's a no go for me - made Steffi a pair in almost black last year, and it was hard going, but perhaps a dark grey would be nice?......


  3. The bows are adorable! Did you knit a square and wrap the middle or make a strip and tie it in a bow?

  4. Hi Erin - thanks for your comment!

    I crocheted a strip then fashion it into a bow and wrap the wool around a few times to secure the bow, then sew it on!

    Hope this helps!!