Friday, 19 February 2010

KAN DU HJELPE MEG?.....someone needs to!

Oh dear, what a dilemma, as I have a number of items I could wear to my friends wedding, but I just cannot make my mind up - now please don't ask me to model these items, as I'm the shy type, but any ideas/suggestions you may have will be taken on board and be most welcome!

So you know what the jacket and mittens look like, now here's some examples of what may be going on underneath!

Thing is, I've bought a number of Odd Molly items from the Autumn/Winter collection which I haven't really worn yet, so I wanted to capitalise on one of them, but you guessed it, when it came to the crunch, I ordered something else - just in case, and now I'm even more confused!!

So here goes - the basis of the outfit will be this Odd Molly spoiler and underskirt in a beautiful colour called 'Powder' which is soo pretty, and over them, I want to wear one of the following tunic's/dress.......

Now major Odd Molly devotees out there can tell you the name of every item in a collection, whilst I nearly always forget, however, I can always tell you what collection an item is from, so I'm not that bad!

This pretty little silk/cotton number is from the A/W 09 collection and looks wonderful on!

This Powder lace tunic looks super pretty on! I bought this to wear to the a-ha concert at the MEN arena in November last year, well that was until......

I visited the Odd Molly concept store in late September last year and saw the Chalk version and decided that I would buy this and wear it instead - so I saved the Powder one for New Year's Eve! (any old excuse!) LOL

Then this little beauty arrived from Denmark yesterday and now I'm really stuck! This photo doesn't do justice to how adorable this dress is, but I'm a bit concerned as my friend has one and tells me that it runs small - especially across the bust, so I'm going to have to try it on this weekend and make my mind up about it - gosh, I do hope it fits......

The embroidery is stunning!

So then, what should I wear? If you have a fave which will go with the silk undergarments, leave me a post and let me know!

Well at least I've got a nice necklace to wear with whatever I decide on and here it's from Jeanne d'Arc Living and I bought it from Tracey at French Larkspur (which is a beautiful blog that you simply must visit sometime!)

I'm pleased to say that I'm sorted for the evening - black Dolce and Gabanna silk chiffon empire line dress with killer heels - for those who know me, the ones I wore to the RAH in May 08!!

So then, what do you think? I really do need help with this, as right now, I'm at a complete loss! LOL

On a lighter note, the invitation says 'black tie' for men, and this guy came to mind - wonder if he's free on that day?........he can even bring his guitar if he wants to!




  1. I really love the dress - the pinkish one. The off-white (or is it very light pink?) one is lovely too, but as it's a wedding, I (personally) try to stay away from white. Don't want to steal the bride's thunder and all that, ya know. :-)
    I'm sure Morten could find something to match ;-)

  2. Hey lovely, thanks for your comments!!

    I've decided it's between the pinky beige dress and the off white tunic actually! I know what you're saying re: the brides dress, but at the last wedding I went to, half the women there were wearing either cream (which this tunic is) or beige or pale pink, so as these are my faves, it will be either one!

    I did manage to buy the most perfect shoes which are the exact colour of the dress in Manchester on Tuesday-and they were half price, fab or what?!!

    Thanks for dropping by hon, I always appreciate your thoughts!


  3. Forgot to say it Sue but I would want Morten in the dinner suit!! LOL


  4. oh you darling dearling beautiful amazing clever
    sweet heart!!!!!!
    i LOVE my arm-lets and my shorts!
    they are just sooooo darling and perfect
    i wore them at ONCE!!!!
    thank you SO much.
    you are such a talent.
    i cant believe how perfect your stitches are.
    big owl hugs to you .. and thanks again!
    i LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ps. i love the pink one with the butterflies! ♥

  6. Hey lovely, nice to hear from you!!

    I'm soo pleased they arrived and that you like them so much, it means a lot to me! xx

    Take it the wee little shorties fitted okay if you wore them straight away?! LOL

    And you're absolutely welcome my dear, I bet it all looks wonderful on you!

    BTW, I'm with you, the pink dress is fabulous, so I'm going to have a 'try-on' again at the weekend (with the shoes I've puchased, piccies to follow!) and they I will make my final decision then!

    Have a super dooper weekend!

    Big squishy hugs coming back your way!