Friday, 12 February 2010


You know me by now, there's nothing I love more than recycling items - in fact, my Grandma used to say that I was a little magpie, hoarding things as a child, but I only ever kept the good stuff, and this lot definitely ranks amongst some of the better things I've kept.

I love to wear crocheted jewellery, especially in the summer, with a light tan, as it just looks soo pretty, so I decided to make some new stuff, but this time, embellish it with some of my stash of all things sparkly.

Crocheted chokers are very popular for sure, and this year, my offerings have been kept simple, in order to support the jewellery sewn onto them, but as usual, I've crocheted a fancy shell edging in a contrasting colour to make it all stand out.

These little gemstones were off a pair of old shoes I bought back in 2001 - I hated the shoes but loved the sparklies on them! Suffice to say, I only wore the shoes about twice and cut all the good stuff off, so the stones have been sitting in a box, waiting for me to make my mind up what to use them on - I have two sets of 5 stones and 2 sets of 3 stones, so that's two necklaces and chokers to be made - veldig bra!

So, one choker made and a bracelet too!

Crocheted bracelets are little more unusal, but you do see them around. I like the idea of this one just being tied in a knot around the wrist. This one will be winging it's way to somewhere next week!

And then there's this pretty little one, which I'm definitely keeping, as it has some of my Grandma's diamante buttons sewn onto it! I've had these pretty little things for more years than I can remember, so they're very special to me! They are the tiny round ones on each end, and the squares - the others are from more recent stashes......

I wore this one when I was on holiday last week and everyone loved it, so it looks like I've a few orders already - yippee!!

Hope they've inspired you to have a go!



  1. Very pretty! I should try my hand at crocheted jewellry too. Have you ever tried crocheting with very fine wire?

  2. You should hon, yours would be fantastic!

    No, I haven't tried this - is it difficult, it sounds like it may hurt if you pulled it too tight?