Friday, 12 February 2010

JEG TROR PA ENGELER (I believe in Angels) of course I do!

These adorable little angels live in my craft room on my winter tree, which is staying put all year round now! I believe it's a Norsk tradition, that if you leave your Christmas decorations up after 6th January, you have to keep them up till Easter - well in this case, these beauties are staying - for good!

I originally bought two of the hanging decorations in January 2009, and fell in love with them, but I couldn't source them anywhere else, then the day before I headed off skiing at Christmas, when the snow was on the ground, I went to my local garden centre to get some birdfood for the very fat birdies that live in my garden and saw a table full of sale items, and low and behold, I managed to puchase all of these decorations and the two figures standing at the bottom of the tree for next-to-nothing - talk about serendipity, I was beside myself with glee! LOL. They are made by a company called Gisella Graham.

Their detail is simply stunning and I just cannot stop popping into my craft room to look at them!

I've decided to name this one after my very best friend Corina (hope you like her hon, as she's very pretty!)

And this one is me, because she has blonde hair and wears a beanie hat, like I always do when it's cold!

And the one below is named 'Tipsy Angel' because she just sits on the tree, but keeps falling over and has her panties on show all the time! Perhaps she should be called 'Fallen Angel' instead!

I'm wondering who I should name this one after, Steffi or Susie?

You can see just why I love these little beauties so much........

They just look soo pretty, amongst the frosty branches and the angels wings,the 'Believe' sign and the frosty chiffon bows, finished off with my friend Kirsten's silvery angels and snowflakes! And I love blowing on them so that they swing everywhere! (I'm quite mad, I know!) LOL

And the finishing touch, a snowglobe, which plays the song 'Winter Wonderland'!

I love Goldfrapps version of this song (thank heavens for Shazam on iPhones!) and have been listening to it since the beginning of December!

Engeler i snoen - Angels in the snow (cue for another song methinks?!)



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