Thursday, 28 January 2010

VINTER BLE VAREN......well almost!

Actually it's not long till Spring makes an appearance (or is that me being very optimistic!) but I guess I'm gearing myself up by knitting lots of pretty little bits and bobs in preparation, as there's nothing like being prepared (you can tell I was a brownie! LOL)

Anyhow, here's my latest offerings adorning the paws of all my lovely friends in a host of glorious muted spring colours!

As you can see, when it snowed here, I hibernated and did lots of knitting!

The new colours from Rowans Pure Wool 4Ply are just adorable, lovely pale colours which are a delight to knit with!

And then there's these little mamas.......

Fake socks or legwarmers - you decide!

It's my ambition to really get to grips with making socks this year.....well it was last year also, but I got sidetracked! LOL. But seriously, I have master using small DPNS, as I just find them very fiddly and if something's not perfect, then I will keep frogging until I get it right, which usually drives me mad in the process, but to me, it's not easy making sure you don't get 'ladders' when using smaller needles - guess I need to attend a sock workshop and soon!

So then, where was I? oh yes, these little offerings above are what you could call 'fake socks' as I tend to wear them with chunkier ankle socks, to keep my feet warm, whereas these are very light, so I can wear them tucked into my boots, without creating too much bulkiness on the leg!

However, they do look good as legwarmers also - just not slouchy ones!

Hope you like them.....

Spring has almost sprung! :-)


Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Or should I say ‘Angel In The Snow’!

Aaah, at last I got round to uploading the photies and saying something about this fabulously pretty scarf, which I wore for the first time on Christmas Day!

Where do I start with the number of yarns used in this massive item - hmmn, well perhaps I will come back to the list as I remember them!

This scarf was inspired by one of my all time favourite songs by my beloved band ‘a-ha’ called ‘Angel In The Snow’ and as I my other love is skiing, I wanted to create something that to me, expresses just how wonderful a nordic sky can look, from dark and imposing, to sparkly bright, with what I call ‘angel dust’ falling from the sky (others might call it light refraction, but I’m nothing if not verbose! hehe)

That plus I love nothing better than hearing Morten sing “Angel, Angel or so…………” (steady girl!)

Anyhow, I had this wonderful idea in my head for over a year, but was slowly gathering all kinds of yarns (some discontinued and therefore cheap!) into my stash, when I stumbled across ‘Authentic Fictions’ Silver Frost’ on Etsy, but realised that it had been sold, so I contacted Kerstin to see if she would recreate it for me (the poor girl had to listen to me groan on about what I was endeavouring to create!) and when I opened the package, and all the wonderful little silvery angels and snowflakes fell out of the bag, I was thrilled to bits- then I saw the wonderment of icy prettiness that she created for me, and I knew I had the most perfect skien of yarn in my hands!

For a while all I could do was look at the wonderous ball as I was too frightened to start the scarf, for fear that I wouldn’t do it any justice, but I think I may have done so - however, that’s for you folks to decide!

As it was, I took my time knitting and embellishing it, as truth be told, I just didn’t want the project to finish! :-(

But emebellish I did! I crocheted the edges in a tiny shell pattern using Rowan Cocoon (Polar) and finished if off with tiny Tibetan Silver snowflakes and angels wings, and adding the final touch of Swarovski angels wings to the centre of the scarf, attached with a little mohair bow, crocheted in Rowan Kidsilk Haze

This is a scarf for very special occasions, suffice to say tho, that I had enough yarn left to make a little neckwarmer version for everyday wear, which has been put to very good use last week!