Thursday, 25 March 2010


Well I thought it was about time I put some things I've recently made up for sale, so here goes.......


This pretty little tunic with a nod to the colours of Sweden, is in pale yellow broderie anglais with white broderie anglais trims and finished off with light blue satin ribbon trims.

The size runs between an Odd Molly size 1 and 2

This tunic looks super pretty especially with white jeans, which is what I wear mine with - perfect for a sunny day, but trust me, even if the sun isn't shining, the colour will put a smile on your face!

This item is for sale at £65.00


This sweet little boudoir set is in a stunning shade of turqoise broderie anglais with matching white broderie anglais trim, finished with pale pink satin ribbons .

Once again, the size of this runs between an Odd Molly size 1 and 2

The pale pink and turqoise colours work soo well together!

This set is available for a special price of £70.00


I made this lovely little cable vest top recently, and was soo happy about making it and using this wonderfully sparkly yarn, that I hadn't realised that cables stretch somewhat, so it's just too big on me - dratt!

The main colour is a lovely bluey grey angora mix yarn with golden sparkle thread running through it, and finished in a pale camel in the same yarn (RYC Lux)

And finished off with my trademark crochet edging and bows!

The vest is about an Odd Molly size 2 and is offered for sale at £45.00

If you're interested in any of these items, please leave a message for me here - you will need a PayPal account in order to puchase the items, but it's easy to set one up!

Happy Buying!



Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Phew, and now for the last post of the day!

I started making this Boudoir set back in August 2009, when I found the material on Ebay. As it was coming to the end of the summer and I didn't have all the trimmings I wanted, I made up the wrap over but left the trimmings until last week, when I decided to use up the pretty pink lace I bought in Oslo last May, and found some more pink trimmings to finish everything off.

It's just a simple wrap over top, which ties very high above the bust, enhancing your womanly curves - even if you're not big up top! ;-) The pale pink broderie anglais material was a marvelous find on Ebay and I knew once I saw it, that it would make the prettiest boudoir wrap I owned! Well that was until I decided to re-design the sleeves and made a mess of them, so I had to start them again! As I say, the pretty crochet cotton lace came from Oslo and it's finished off with my label and pretty matching pink bows.

So, I thought to myself, with just a scrap of material left "No shorts for me then!"........

A-ha (groan!) not so! You know me, I was pondering over the 'scraps' last week, when I thought to myself "How can I get a pair of shorts out of this material?" and I was scratching my head, as I only had enough for the back of the shorts, but not the front. Then I remembered the two sleeves that went wrong, but as I'd kept them (as I never throw anything away which I feel can be used elsewhere - you know me by now! LOL) I unpicked the stitching and with the clever use of a pretty embroidered braid, re-worked out the front of the shorts, which are basically patched together and voila, a pair of shorts were on their way!

As you can see, the broderie anglais trimming was perfect for the material! I also used it on the leg edges as well as the waistline, so that when they were elasticated, it made them look so sweet!

And finished off with the usual labels and bows!

Gosh, four postings in one day! Time for lunch methinks..........




Wow, I'm a busy bee today, but I've been making all sorts recently, so wanted to play 'catch-up' here!

I crocheted these little chokers at the weekend and finished (well at least one!) of them with a mixture of my Grandma's old buttons and some newly purchased - hence the fact that I've run out for the second choker and will have to get some more!

These multi coloured buttons belonged to my Grandma, along with the smaller ones on each end - hence putting a brand new larger version of them worked so well - it's such a pity that I just couldn't capture how stunning the flower shaped ones actually are, but having taken about 20 photies, you could say I've given up! LOL

As you can see, I really should have bought another one of these square buttons to go on this choker, but I will do that on my next jaunt out - think it goes superbly with the very vintage art decco button which one again, belonged to my Grandma - this is precisely why you should never part with anything of value that you can use again and again - who knows where it will end up next - prior to this, it adorned a beautiful red velvet jacket, so you never know!




I've now decided to call these my 'friendship' bracelets as the first batch are all to be given as presents to special friends - well I'm making a start - may take me a while to get around to everyone, plus I'd like to sell some along the way! I found these stones last week on my jaunt to Manchester and knew that they would look pretty made up into one of these bracelets - well my friend Flora thought so when she saw them on Tuesday!

One is for me and the other is for........wait and see! ;-)




Well it looks like I've got it down to two possible outfits now, seeing as I managed to find the most perfect shoes to go with either option when I was in Manchester last week - and they were half price!

It's like they were made to wear with Odd Molly Powder clothes! LOL. The platform looks rather unusual on them, but it doesn't really show when you have them on - very clever!

So here's the two possible outfits to go with my lovely Odd Molly jacket! To be honest, I still don't know which one I will wear till closer to the day, but it's one of these for sure!

Taradiddle Dress Combo...........

When you see the shoes on top of the dress, you know they work just perfectly - I love them! :-)

Native Tunic Combo...........................

It looks superb with the Spoiler dress and skirt combination - wish I'd bought it in the powder colour also now!

Thing is with this tunic, that as much as I like it, it looks a wee bit plain around the bottom and on those wonderful sleeves, so I've decided to put some cream crocheted lace on to make it just a bit more special. The material is a silk/cotton mix and it's divine, but I think the addition of the lace will make it look just a bit prettier! Just need it to turn up in the post now so that I can get it done.

I would love to work for Odd Molly, shame I live in the UK then! LOL

Only 3 weeks to go........Sally is getting rather excited now and so am I - I haven't been to a wedding for ages!

Here's that very handsome man in his dinner suit again *swoon* Wonder what he's doing on 27 March? LOL