Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Wow, I'm a busy bee today, but I've been making all sorts recently, so wanted to play 'catch-up' here!

I crocheted these little chokers at the weekend and finished (well at least one!) of them with a mixture of my Grandma's old buttons and some newly purchased - hence the fact that I've run out for the second choker and will have to get some more!

These multi coloured buttons belonged to my Grandma, along with the smaller ones on each end - hence putting a brand new larger version of them worked so well - it's such a pity that I just couldn't capture how stunning the flower shaped ones actually are, but having taken about 20 photies, you could say I've given up! LOL

As you can see, I really should have bought another one of these square buttons to go on this choker, but I will do that on my next jaunt out - think it goes superbly with the very vintage art decco button which one again, belonged to my Grandma - this is precisely why you should never part with anything of value that you can use again and again - who knows where it will end up next - prior to this, it adorned a beautiful red velvet jacket, so you never know!



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