Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Phew, and now for the last post of the day!

I started making this Boudoir set back in August 2009, when I found the material on Ebay. As it was coming to the end of the summer and I didn't have all the trimmings I wanted, I made up the wrap over but left the trimmings until last week, when I decided to use up the pretty pink lace I bought in Oslo last May, and found some more pink trimmings to finish everything off.

It's just a simple wrap over top, which ties very high above the bust, enhancing your womanly curves - even if you're not big up top! ;-) The pale pink broderie anglais material was a marvelous find on Ebay and I knew once I saw it, that it would make the prettiest boudoir wrap I owned! Well that was until I decided to re-design the sleeves and made a mess of them, so I had to start them again! As I say, the pretty crochet cotton lace came from Oslo and it's finished off with my label and pretty matching pink bows.

So, I thought to myself, with just a scrap of material left "No shorts for me then!"........

A-ha (groan!) not so! You know me, I was pondering over the 'scraps' last week, when I thought to myself "How can I get a pair of shorts out of this material?" and I was scratching my head, as I only had enough for the back of the shorts, but not the front. Then I remembered the two sleeves that went wrong, but as I'd kept them (as I never throw anything away which I feel can be used elsewhere - you know me by now! LOL) I unpicked the stitching and with the clever use of a pretty embroidered braid, re-worked out the front of the shorts, which are basically patched together and voila, a pair of shorts were on their way!

As you can see, the broderie anglais trimming was perfect for the material! I also used it on the leg edges as well as the waistline, so that when they were elasticated, it made them look so sweet!

And finished off with the usual labels and bows!

Gosh, four postings in one day! Time for lunch methinks..........




  1. WOW! Such beautiful thinks....saw also the bracelets, do you sell any of your beautiful pieces of art? They are beautiful!!! I would be interested in the wrap and the bracelets with the beautiful stones, that you had in you previous post!
    You are soooo talented!
    Hope it is OK that I link to you on my blog ;D
    Best wishes!

  2. Hej!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    I do actually sell my wares actually!!

    I'm just about to go skiing for a week, but will be in touch with you when I get back if that's okay?

    And it's absolutely fantastic that you've linked me with your blog as I'm just all very new to this - only found you lovely Odd Molly ladies in the last couple of weeks - even if I was in the shop with you when you had your meet up back in September - just wish I'd spoken to some of you now!!

    Best wishes to you too!


  3. oh darling those are lovely!!!!
    so delicate and sweet
    perfect for the season ♥
    i love my wee shorts & wristwarmers!

  4. Thanks!! Looking forward hearing from you the. Mail me directly at my email:
    Have a great skiing holiday!
    Best wishes!

  5. Absolutely wonderful!! /Susanne

  6. Hello
    I love the pink wrap you have done it was beautiful !! I really want to bay one if i can.
    PLEASE mail me on
    Have a nice day

  7. Hello
    WOWWWWW how beautifull , I LIKE, the wrap was fantastic, i really want to bay one, please mail me at
    Best regards Cia

  8. Hi there Tommy and Odd Molly-holic!

    I recently sent emails to you both and was wondering if you received them?

    Best Wishes