Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Hello everyone!

Gosh, I can't belive how long it has been since I last posted, but I've been a busy bee of late since I came back from holiday. Hope everyone is enjoying a perfect summer - wherever you may be!

Not much to show off here, not that I haven't been sewing, but I've bee repeating a lot of items for customers that have already posted, so not much new, however, I am in the process of working on some new pieces and I'll post them when they're finished.

I did make this sweet little kaftan tunic the other day tho.

I reserved this material for a friends daughter last year, but the young girl changed her mind on the colour of the kaftan she wanted, so I decided to use it up, and I have to say that the shade is a very pretty pale fushia that doesn't really come across in these photies, but it's very like the colour Odd Molly used in their Summer 09 collection.

I would never have believed that cream could work well with fushia, but in this case it does as it makes the lace stand out all the more! As usual, it's got all my little trademarks on it!

I'm dying to wear it now, but my tan is fading and the weather here in the UK is dire, so I may well have to save it for my next holiday instead! :-(

What happened to the summery days - long gone methinks!!

A few more bits and pieces to follow.......