Thursday, 24 February 2011


No surprise there then when you see my little ensemble eh?

I've often wondered what it would be like to pair these designers together and I'm thinking right now they look rather stunning!

Such a pretty logo from 'Chill Norway' don't you think? I love this sweet little tunic!

As for this beautiful scarf, well you have to see it to believe just how stunning and vibrant the colours are! I can see me wearing this for years to come, apres-ski, it really is fabulous!

Then when I add in my own little contribution, well I guess you've got a winning combination! 

Last week it was Svindal now it's the whole Norwegian Nordic Ski Team I'm rooting for in my rather patriotic little number!

Go Norge!

Wishing you all a sunny day, even tho it's not so up in Holmenkollen right now! If you're in Oslo at the moment, then you're a lucky dude as far as I'm concerned! 

Stor klem til deg!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Just to let you know that this beautiful Wigwam tunic has now been listed on Tradera so if you're interested, please follow the link below.....

** SOLD **

Happy shopping and many thanks for dropping by!

Stor kram!


Friday, 18 February 2011


Whoops, forgot about these mamas but I may as well put them up for sale too seeing as they don't fit me either!!  (one of these days I'll sort my sizings out!!)

So, offered for sale here are a beautiful pair of jeans by the Italian designers MET which are one of my all time faves, along with Nudies (of course!) and Miss Me.

They're a stunning light blue jeans (style 'Celeste') in a size 28, inside leg 32". They sit low on the waist and look fabulous on by the way - I should know as I bought another pair in a smaller size!

Actual waist size - 33" Rise – 7”  Leg Opening - 7.5"

They're still in the plastic bag, along with all the tags attached, so if you're interested, give me a shout here, as I'm offering them for sale at £40.00 (excl of P&P) so please ask about the options.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed with these!

├śnsker dere alle en fin helg!

Stor klem!


Thursday, 17 February 2011


Yeah little old me!

I adore these bracelets, of which, 25% of the sale goes to worldwide charitable causes, but I guess I don't really need 3 of them, so I've decided to put this one up for sale, if anyone is interested.  

Normally you have to buy them from the US, or somewhere like Tintinstyle in Sweden, so if you're into these lovely bracelets, you will know how much they cost, so I would like to offer it for sale at £40.00.  If it doesn't go here, I will post it on Ebay next week. It's a lovely bracelet, but you can only have so many of these things...........

** SOLD **

Have a lovely evening everyone and thank you for dropping by!

Stor klem!



Hello lovelies!

Thought it was about time I had a clear out of my wardrobe, as there are some lovely things I just don't wear, mainly due to the fact that they're too big on me, so I thought I'd give you lovely Odd Molly devotees the first chance on them before posting them on Tradera next week, so if you're interested, please leave me a message here - first come first served basis methinks. So here we go.......


This is a beautiful dress and I coveted it for such a long time, but unfortunately it just doesn't do anything for me! :-(  

Only worn twice since then, so not a good investment for me, but I really would love this one to go to a good Odd Molly home!

For sale at £80.00

** SOLD **

ODD MOLLY TUNIC - A/W 07, size 1

I really am hopeless when it comes to remembering what some of the collections/items of clothing were called, but I'm sure you'll all know this sweet little tunic!  Once again it's just too big for me! (one of these days I'll either buy a size that fits or put some weight on!)

Offered for sale at £35.00

ODD MOLLY TUNIC - A/W 09, size 1

Oh how I adore this one but it's way too big on me - in fact, this would fit a small size 2 I'm sure!

Now I have to admit that when this one arrived I was a bit disappointed with it, as it seemed rather plain on the sleeve and bottom edges, and as I loved it so much, I added some very expensive lace from Sweden to it to make it look better, but when you see it, you'll understand how much better it looks for it - sometimes I see something from Odd Molly that looks adorable, then you think to yourself "Why didn't they embellish it with more lace?" and sometimes things like that let them down, but hey-ho, that's only my opinion, but with this one, at least you can say it's a 'one-off'!! LOL

I've only ever worn this twice and whilst it looks so beautiful on, I really need one in a size that fits me! :-(

For sale at £70.00 

** SOLD**


It's going to break my heart to part with this one, but really, if something is two sizes too big on you, then what's the point in it sitting in your wardrobe?

This is such a pretty dress and the colour is so much nicer when you see it for real!  I've only ever tried the dress on and so haven't worn it. It was bought for me by my Mum but unfortunately, she took the label off before she gave it to me (she didn't want me to see the price, but hey, like every Odd Molly girl, I know how much it cost! LOL) so I don't have the original tags for it. I was hoping to do an exchange for it, but as nobody has come forward, there's no point in keeping hold of it, however, if you do have a size 1 that you want to swap, please send me a post here, if not, the dress is offered for sale at £95.00

** SOLD **

So, if anyone's interested, please post a message for me here. If you would like more photies, just let me know!

The prices quoted do not include P&P, so you will need to ask about that that when you enquire.

Wishing all a lovely day and thanks for dropping by!

Stor klem!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

ENGEL DRESS - I really must finish this.......

Quite frankly, I cannot believe I started making this dress almost a year ago and still haven't finished it! I already own an Odd Molly 9th Sweater in chalk and love it to bits, but try as I might, I couldn't get hold of the lovely pale pink version of it, so as I had a lot of pale pink 4 ply cotton (shade aptly called 'Angel' btw!) I decided to embark on making my own. And actually it wasn't too difficult - even if I didn't have a pattern, I figured out that I would  make it into more of a dress than a tunic - and with that, I set off figuring out how to do it!

It's such a pretty little thing when you see it 'up close and personal' as the colour is much paler pink than is shown here. As you can see, I've endeavored to capture something very similar to the 9th Sweater style.

The only thing now is that I need to remember how to knit up the other sleeve, as it's a whilst since I did the first one!

But it won't be a problem that's for sure! Then I can put it up for sale here so watch this space! That's the only thing with my prototypes -they don't usually fit me! LOL

Wishing you all a lovely evening - wherever you may be!

Stor klem!