Wednesday, 9 February 2011

ENGEL DRESS - I really must finish this.......

Quite frankly, I cannot believe I started making this dress almost a year ago and still haven't finished it! I already own an Odd Molly 9th Sweater in chalk and love it to bits, but try as I might, I couldn't get hold of the lovely pale pink version of it, so as I had a lot of pale pink 4 ply cotton (shade aptly called 'Angel' btw!) I decided to embark on making my own. And actually it wasn't too difficult - even if I didn't have a pattern, I figured out that I would  make it into more of a dress than a tunic - and with that, I set off figuring out how to do it!

It's such a pretty little thing when you see it 'up close and personal' as the colour is much paler pink than is shown here. As you can see, I've endeavored to capture something very similar to the 9th Sweater style.

The only thing now is that I need to remember how to knit up the other sleeve, as it's a whilst since I did the first one!

But it won't be a problem that's for sure! Then I can put it up for sale here so watch this space! That's the only thing with my prototypes -they don't usually fit me! LOL

Wishing you all a lovely evening - wherever you may be!

Stor klem!



  1. So beautiful, once again. You really should consider making an own knitting book with all your lovely knitting models. I surely would buy one book!

  2. Thank you very much my dear!

    Now that is a very good idea indeed!

    Perhaps I should consider it - thing is, I really must start writing down my patterns - hence the fact that I'll need to have a good look at the sleeve before embarking upon the second one! LOL

    Will keep in mind tho!


  3. Ohhh den ser ju helt bedårande ut!!! Den måste vi få se färdig :D KRAM!

  4. Jag kommer definitivt att fotografera den igen när den är klar!

    Kram til dig!


  5. I am in awe of your talent. I would love to own such a beautiful hand-made tunic and pink is my perfect color. Wonderful!
    Contact me if you decide to put it up for sale.

  6. Hi there Karen, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my little pink dress!

    I have just left a message for you on your enquiry page of your website, which, btw, is lovely!

    Have a lovely day and I'll be in touch soon!



  7. Yes, I can miss Adela's blog - sorry that she has chosen to close it.
    Men vänta nu!
    Hon skriver ju på svenska liksom jag, vilket betyder att du läser svenska både bra och obehindrat :)
    Det tycker jag är bra eftersom jag skriver uselt på engelska (tack å lov för översättningsprogram ;)

    Big Klem

  8. Hej Cle, tack för att släppa av!

    Min svenska är inte så bra så jag försöker att lära sig genom att inte använda Google översättare, men ibland har jag till!

    Här är hoppas Adela kommer att vara tillbaka online snart, ha en trevlig dag!