Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Well it looks like I've got it down to two possible outfits now, seeing as I managed to find the most perfect shoes to go with either option when I was in Manchester last week - and they were half price!

It's like they were made to wear with Odd Molly Powder clothes! LOL. The platform looks rather unusual on them, but it doesn't really show when you have them on - very clever!

So here's the two possible outfits to go with my lovely Odd Molly jacket! To be honest, I still don't know which one I will wear till closer to the day, but it's one of these for sure!

Taradiddle Dress Combo...........

When you see the shoes on top of the dress, you know they work just perfectly - I love them! :-)

Native Tunic Combo...........................

It looks superb with the Spoiler dress and skirt combination - wish I'd bought it in the powder colour also now!

Thing is with this tunic, that as much as I like it, it looks a wee bit plain around the bottom and on those wonderful sleeves, so I've decided to put some cream crocheted lace on to make it just a bit more special. The material is a silk/cotton mix and it's divine, but I think the addition of the lace will make it look just a bit prettier! Just need it to turn up in the post now so that I can get it done.

I would love to work for Odd Molly, shame I live in the UK then! LOL

Only 3 weeks to go........Sally is getting rather excited now and so am I - I haven't been to a wedding for ages!

Here's that very handsome man in his dinner suit again *swoon* Wonder what he's doing on 27 March? LOL




  1. Gorgeous outfit - especially love the butterfly dress!

  2. Thank you Gigi!

    Still haven't decided whether or not to wear it next week, but I have to say that it does look very pretty on!