Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Well I'm back from a weeks skiing and into the thick of things again with these little wristlets of mine - in all the colours of the Odd Molly spectrum to boot!

So then,  I thought it was about time I posted some of the lovelies who have been kind enough to support my designs over the past year - for now, I will only post photos of those wearing my knitwear as I don't want to embarrass anyone wearing a pair of my shorts from the Boudoir sets, just in case!

Above, wearing a pretty little chalk coloured shrug is beautiful Maria from Sweden. Doesn't she looks divine! I think it really compliments her Odd Molly dress so well!  If only I lived close to her in Sweden, I'd love to have her model all my clothing and accessories!

And here she is once again, wearing a pair of my Powder Sleevewarmers - in fact, they look so much nicer on her than they did me, as Maria has such pretty hands

We always seem to purchase the same Odd Molly items from each collection, so I guess you could say we have the same Molly tastes!

And the lovely girls from Fitts & Co, Amy and Brooklynn wearing my 'Engel' Wristlets. They really do compliment their Odd Molly cardigans, don't you think?

Like Maria, Amy has the most beautiful hands (not that Brooklynn doesn't!) as you just can't see hers!

And here's lovely Kristina Maria from Denmark, wearing her pretty little Chalk 'Engel' wristlets - I've lost count of just how many pairs of these little mamma's I've made so far! Pretty jewellery indeed!

And lastly for now, lovely Ellen from Sweden, wearing a pair of my Powder cotton 'Engel' wristlets, which she recently received - love her outfit and the way she has layered so well, well done Ellen, looking good!

I'd just like to say a big 'Thank You!' to everyone out there who has supported my designs over the last few years, as it really means a lot to me, and if anyone out there has purchased something from me and would like their photo published here, please drop me a line and let me know, as I'd love to add more of you!

And with that, I really need to get back to some more knitting, whilst sitting in the Spring sun with a nice cup of hot chocolate - as whilst the sun is shining, it's not that warm! LOL

Wishing you all a sunny day - wherever you may be!

Stor klem til deg!



  1. Wonderful pictures; now I understand better how to wear the lovely little wristlets that are on the way to me. Ooooohh, I can hardly wait!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pictures Karen!

    You should have them in a day or two now!

    Have fun wearing them your own way!!


  3. Lovely pictures, you are so extremely competent!
    Wonderful socks and wrist warmers;)


  4. Thank you so much my dear, nice to see you here!

    Stor kram til dig!