Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Sounds like a line from '  Monty Pythons' but actually I've been so inspired by the lovely colours from the recent Odd Molly A/W 11 preview shots, that it spurred me onto to making some new mittens for the forthcoming season - already! Now that may be the case in the fashion world, where they're months of us mere mortals in terms of what's hot, but nevertheless, I couldn't help myself!

I'm calling this pair (the other one is finished but just needs finishing off!) my 'Vintage Berry Engel Mittens' and instead of knitting them in just one shade, I was inspired to go over-the-top with the colours, just like Odd Molly have done, which is wonderful indeed! The shades of rose pink and chalk work so very well and will go with just about anything in that shade range.

Right now I'm working on another pair which are in the rose pink shade, with vintage berry edging and will be finished off with chalk crocheted edge, and these are also very stunning, so watch this space!

To make things a little different, I've moved the bow to the bottom edge of the mitten instead of up at the top, so it will always be on show, and it looks very effective this way!

If you want to be in there first, both pairs of mittens will be for sale at £35.00 (excl of P&P) but don't worry, as there will be many different variations coming along soon!

You can see how well they go with this pretty little shrug which I recently made in an alpaca silk yarn, and it's the most luxurious thing I've ever knitted!

This shrug is still available but at a reduced price of £50.00 as I desperately need to shift things on as my craft room is getting untidy again! P&P is extra of course! The yarn cost me more than this so this is something not to be missed!

Happy shopping and once again, thanks for dropping by!

Stor klem!



  1. hi! You make the most beautiful things, i wonder, could you give me the measurements for the scarf (if it is still on sale). Thanks!

  2. Hi there!

    Do you mean the shrug in the photo? If so, it measures 115cm but it does stretch!

    Hope this helps?

    Best wishes