Friday, 7 May 2010

Never again...........

Well I may be persuaded but not for a while that's for sure! One thing I know is that I have been rather busy of late burning the midnight oil with sewing projects, as you can see here, which keeps me out of mischief at the very least!

So here's the next version of a FOL I've come up with.........

As is usual for me, I wanted to make a few adjustments to the original tunic and after recently purchasing a Berry Dress in Powder, I liked the front frilly piece and the back enclosure, and so I decided to add them here.

I like the way the front turned out...........

For those of you who know the Berry Dress, the back view of my tunic is very similar - just need to find a pretty matching button now!

I kept to the original method of attaching the double layered skirt, but added a lace trim to the top of the skirt - having not seen the oringal for a while, I'm thinking it was just overlocked - perhaps someone can enlighten me on this?

I love the lace on the bottom of the tunic and bought this on Ebay. I was amazed that even though I used what was a lightweight lawn material for this project, that it was still a lot heavier than that used in my Berry Dress!

Not a tagline perhaps, but something to brighten your day.........




  1. Really fine! You very handy... It is almost prettier than the original one. I'm almost jealous about your talent.

    Could you show us a photo of you wearing this lovely tunic?

    Have a nice weekend!

    - Tarleena

  2. Hi Tarleena!

    Thank you for your kind comments about my little tunic!

    As soon as I can get an opportunity to wear it, I will have a photograph taken of me!

    Really glad you like it!

    Enjoy your weekend too!


  3. Hi Sweetie,
    I would love to purchase some of your items, like this FOL and also a wrap in white or pink. I am small size 2 i Odd Molly. Would it be possible to order these from you?? Your items are prettier than Odd Mollys....much more details and work. Hope to hear from you soon. My email is:

  4. Hej Odd Molly-hollic!

    I've just logged in here and seen your lovely comment - thank you so much! :-)

    I've sent you an email regarding your order enquiry - I'm not sure if my last one to you back in March got through?

    Have a lovely weekend, looking forward to hearing from you soon!



  5. Hej!
    Vilket underverk!
    Hur gör jag för att köpa?


  6. Hej Annica!

    Detta mönster är fortfarande i produktion eftersom det är mycket dyrare att köpa massor av spetsar till det, så det skulle kosta mig nästan samma pris som den ursprungliga Fol. Jag jobbar på att göra en enklare version av detta och när jag gör det kommer jag lägga upp den på min blogg och då kanske om du gillar det, kanske du vill köpa en!

    Håll ögonen öppna!