Sunday, 16 May 2010


And a very Good Morning to everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!

Yes, I was rather a busy bee last week, creating these new designs and working on a few other bits and pieces. Once I get an idea in my head and I transfer it to paper, well I have to get the process under way or else I can't sleep! LOL

So here's two of latest 'creations' Hope you like them........

* HEIDI TUNIC* (And there are 5 Continents not 4!)

Heidi is my nickname (well one of them!) as I this is what one of my ski instructor friends calls me as I always wear my hair in plaits ! One year it caused a lot of confustion with a German lady who joined our group who actually was called Heidi and couldn't understand why Klaus called me this whilst it wasn't my real name - she kept telling me that she was the 'real Heidi' - and I agreed with her - after all, she wasn't someone I wanted to argue with! LOL. However, by the end of the week, she herself had 'christened' me by the name so all was well!

Anyway, I digress - where was I?.........

Oh yes, the dress! Does it seem familiar to any of you out there?

Well the sleeves are a bit different, but basically this dress is made out of scrap material - with the exception of the bodice and the main part of the sleeves. That material I bought in London on my last visit and trust me, it wasn't cheap, but it is very pretty! All the other materials were left over from other items I've recently made - like my Grandma used to say, if you think an item has a purpose and can be used again - you should keep it! I have the biggest bag of scrap materials you've ever seen and it comes out very often! In fact, I think I love creating something out of the scraps more than I do the original material - it gives me a real sense of achievement!

Yes, it even has grosgrain ties on it!

I love how the cream lace that was originally bought to adorn my chalk Native blouse but didn't work as it wasn't delicate enough, has worked here -it looks lovely with the pink broderie anglais fabric!

And then there was another variation on a theme........


This is named in honour of my lovely friend who lives in Oslo! I've always honoured my friends by naming my creations after them, but up to now, it's normally been my knitwear, so I'm making a start with my clothing instead!

Once again, with the exception of a metre of white broderie anglais material, the rest are scraps! I've used the last of the white cutwork fabric from London on the front of the bodice and the very last scrap of embroidered material used on my white FOL for the edges of the sleeves - and that's it, absolutely none left now! :-(

I even managed to find silk knot cufflinks yesterday so that it looks like one of the original tunics, however, I've changed the sleeve, and made the skirt a little longer to my own taste.

Must ask Astrid to drop by!

Wishing you all a lovely day!




  1. LOOOOVE! The Heidi Tunic, could I order one?? What would it cost?
    So beautiful things you create!!

  2. Hi hon!

    Will email you about this one later on today!

    Bows will definitely be here tomorrow, so I will send you some photies of your tunic before I post it off to you!

    Thank you for your kind comments - have a lovely day!


  3. Whoops, I mean your wrap, not a tunic - don't panic! LOL


  4. I love the Heidi Tunic, could I order one? What would it cost?


  5. Hi Monica!

    Thank you for your kind comments!

    I will contact you via your email with all the details, probably later today.

    Best Wishes


  6. Hi!

    I haven't recieved an email unfortunately.

    Best wishes Monica

  7. Hi Monica!

    Many apologies for not getting back to you - it was a bit hetic this week!

    Email on the way to you in the next half hour!

    Best Wishes