Thursday, 13 May 2010

SOMETHING VINTAGE - Item for sale!

I think it's about time this pretty little blouse found a home where it can be worn and loved!

I bought it back in 2007 and was soo desperate to have it, that I compromised and bought a size 2, however, about a month after, I managed to find a size 1 and bought that also!

Thing is, this pretty little one has only been worn and laundered once, and has sat in my Odd Molly wardrobe as I couldn't bear to part with it, but truth be told, it's rather pointless to deprive someone of the abilty to own this stunningly pretty little blouse, so I'm offering it for sale here first - if there are no offers by this time next week, I will advertise it for sale on Ebay and then post the link here - just in case someone misses it!

But I'd much rather it went to a deserving 'Odd Molly' devotee!

If you're interested, contact me here! You won't be disapointed, as the cross stitch embroidery is stunning!




  1. Hi Little Miss Norway!
    I would love to be able to purchase your beautiful Odd Molly blouse!

    Please contact me at

    Best regards

  2. Hej Anna!

    Just logged on here!

    If you go to your email inbox, you should be receiving an email from me about now!

    Best Wishes


  3. Did she buy the shirt? I really wanted it. :~(

  4. Yes Anna did buy it straight away!

    Guess you have to be quick when you see something you like - sorry my dear!