Thursday, 27 May 2010


Cue for a song, I know, but I do believe it's gonna be a good night, as I'm out for dinner with some lovely friends and am really looking forward to it, so here's my ouutifit for the evening.

Bought these fabulous jeans from Karen Millen last year, and I love them, as they're really tight, but have a nice little boot cut, without being too much!

And then there's my lovely Revolution blouse, that I bought last year, and have only worn once so far, so it's about time I started wearing it! Was thinking that if it's cold, I may wear the spoiler under it, but I'm not sure yet........

I love these shoes which I recently bought from Zara. Took them to Oslo with me, then realised just how far I'd be walking - from Sonia Henies Plass to Aker Brygge, so resorted to the Belstaff boots instead, which were much more comfortable! LOL

But even tho they are 'majorly' high, they are comfortable, due to the the fact they don't have any mad buckles or stitching across the foot area!

So a few pretty accessories added to the mix - and a first 'outing' for my new scarf, and I'm good to go.......just need to find a bag to go with it all - no doubt I'll resort to my usual one then! ;-)

Ha en God Helg alle sammen!

Its Eurovision time, so another mad night out watching the contest with friends - who will you be suporting?..........




  1. You have such beautiful clothes in your blog!
    I hope you get a hold of FOL now ...
    Wish you good luck!

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  3. Hej Charolotte!

    Thank you so much lovely comments and for letting me know about your friend selling the FOL!

    Unfortunately, I really wanted the Powder one but your friend has now decided not to sell it so I'm really disappointed! :-(

    I was also outbid by someone else (?) for the chalk one, so it's not looking like I'll ever get hold of one of these, as I was outbid at the very last minute on Tradera the other day - and as most sellers won't sell outside of Scandinavia, so I don't have much chance of ever getting hold of one! :-(

    But thank you so much my dear for all your hard work and efforts to find someone for me!

    Un bel di, I will own one of my own!