Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Photo courtesy of Amy Glase

Just thought I'd post some details about my 'Engel' mittens, seeing as I've had a number of enquiries over the last week.

They are knitted in pure wool 4 ply yarn, so they're nice and thin, whilst being lovely and warm for winter.

If you're interested, you can leave a post here for me with your email address (which I won't post publicly for obvious reasons!) or else, if you know me at Facebook, you can leave me a message there also.

They are currently priced at £30.00 (excl P&P) so please let me know where you live in order that I can let you have the total cost.

As you can see, they are rather adorable, especially on the lovely models Amy and Brooklynn pictured here!

Hope you like them, and thanks once again for the interest they seem to have generated - if my knitting needles are anything to go by! LOL




  1. Hey Marie!
    Your Engel mitts saved me today! My husband said it was warm out and that I should not wear a coat, so I wore a light cape. I put the mitts on as I had 3/4 sleeves on my sweater. Well, when I got to work and out of my car, it was freezing! Thankfully, the mitts kept me toasty warm. They are so soft and not scratchy like wool can sometimes be, but they are as warm as any other wool mitten I've worn.
    I love love love them and get more use out of these mittens than anything I've ever knitted!

  2. Hey Sue, thanks for dropping by!

    Men eh? LOL - so glad you decided to put my wristwarmers on and that they kept you nice and warm - that's what I love about this 4 ply yarn!

    And I'm so very happy to hear that you love them to bits!!

    Would love to see a photie of you wearing them, as I'm in the process of gathering fan photies here - if you're shy (you shouldn't be, as you're so very photogenic!) you could just do what Amy and Brooklynn did in their photo, but to be honest, I'd just love to see your pretty face in the shot!

    Wishing you a lovely day hon - will be in touch for a proper natter soon!