Monday, 25 October 2010

Inspirasjon fra.......

Those lovely Odd Molly and Ti-Mo socks that cost a fortune, but are just soo very lovely, that I save mine for special wear only.

Thing is tho, they look adorable with my Ilse Jacobsen rainboots, but if you're out on a muddy path and they get dirty, they can be ruined very easily, so I decided to come up with a quick and easy solution that works for me!

And here they are, fake socks or shortie legwarmers, you decide!

They're ribbed up the sides in order to keep them nice and snug on your legs with my usual lacy stitch and finished off with cutie contrasting bows at the top.

These are my two favourite colourways that I've made so far!

And then very recently, I decided that I wanted to create a cutie vest top, a bit like the summer cotton 4 ply ones that I make, as I liked the idea of having something to wear under my Odd Molly Lovely Knit cardigans, that wouldn't be bulky and so here it is.....

This is done in a pure wool 4 ply yarn, and the colour is a lite powder (the same as my mittens!) which means it works very well with all Odd Molly clothes - well of course it would!

The neck on the winter version has been changed so that it's square shaped instead, which I think, looks prettier than the usual V neck, and this time, the crocheted edges are done in the same colour instead of a contrast - just a little different for a change.

If you look closely, you can see the cutie little crocheted bow at the neck edge - didn't photograph very well, but it is there!

And this is what it looks like on! It's nice and slim and warm, being wool, so that you can layer it up without any bulk.
Right then, well another busy knitting day ahead, so I'd better get to it!

I can hear another calf coming into the world from the farm next to me, so watch this space, I'll try and photograph it later in the week, they're so small and cute when they first arrive in the Maternity Ward!

Have a lovely Monday!




  1. How do you do it??? It's just SO lovely! :))
    And those legg warmers.... love them!

    Kram :)

  2. Hello lovely!

    LOL, I guess my real inspiration comes from my Grandmother, as it her who taught me to knit when I was the tender age of five, I wish I could share all of my knitwear with her, sadly, she's no longer here, but I'd love to think she was pleased with everything I make - and she was also the most amazing knitter!

    I could do with her hands right now to help me......think I need to find a surrogate 'Grandma' in the village where I live! LOL



  3. I am a woman of Ibiza, Spain. I am a lover of culture Norway customs, culture and traditions. I usually go to Oslo where I can.
    Now I'm trying to make a bunad of the Oslo area to go 17 May.
    Your blog I like so much and if you think I will follow.
    Greetings from Ibiza


  4. Hello Maria and welcome here!

    It's nice to hear that you like my blog and that you love Norway as much as I do! I love visiting Norway, especially Oslo, and will be back there in December for the very last a-ha concert along with all my friends from all over the world, it's going to be a bittersweet time for sure!

    This bunad you're making sounds great! Don't know if you've had a look back at older posts, but you might be interested in one of my earlier ones here.....

    Hope it inspires you in some way!

    Thanks for following me - some more posts to follow soon!