Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hello lovelies!

Once again things have been a bit hectic and so I haven't had time to stop by and post anything, but that's because I've been busy making these little beauties! A basket-ful of pretty little mittens - oh a few pairs of cute little socks, but thankfully, not made by my fair hand!

These colours go soo very well with all things Odd Molly -which is naturally why I chose them, however, they're not all for little old me!

The colour of these looks more like purple, however, the shade card says Framboise, and that's just what they are - these are for one of my friends whom I'm meeting up with very soon, so I hope she likes them! Think I may well have make a pair for myself!

The others definitely look like the powder shade which is so popular for Odd Molly, however, they are more pinkish in shade and don't match as well as this other pair.....

And this other shade is very like the vintage chalk colour that Odd Molly are using this Autumn - perfect for all my outfits then!

Combined with these adorable socks from Ti-Mo, they will look fabulous with ankle boots, ordinary boots or even my Ilse Jakobsen rainboots - I added a few cute little bows on top of the lace, just to add that little 'extra something' to them - these are a 'must-have for Autumn/Winter!

Just need to make a matching scarf now......must get busy then!

Wishing you all a lovely day - wherever you may be!



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