Friday, 8 May 2009

It's amazing what you can do with a bit of scrap material....

and I love nothing better than seeing what I can dream up with just a small piece of material - have done since I was a little girl when my Mums dressmaker would give me a bag of leftover pieces of fabric and I would be off to create sexy little dresses for my Barbie!!

And so, in my usual way, I bought a piece of embroidered cambric material last year, and made a sweet little pair of shorts to go with one of my 'Boudoir' wraps and enjoyed wearing them here, there and everywhere -

But like always, I kept the leftover scraps and I was recently going through my material box when I came across what was left of the shorts fabric - which was only a metre in the first place, and with that, I came up with this little beach top - to match the shorts, of course!

Thing is, I really enjoyed imagining what this little piece of material would become - and now all I need is some sun to wear them both together!