Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A little something for Oslo?.....

Well I'm off to the fair city this weekend and was rather hoping for good weather (well at least dry!) but unfortunately it's not looking too hopeful, but hey, I wouldn't be wearing this little number outside the hotel room anyway!

I made this as a cover up for the beach/pool side sort of jolly actually, but who's to say that it can't be worn in Oslo? .......

The nice idea with a wrapover instead of a kaftan on holiday is that its easier to take on and off when you're feeling hot, as kaftans can leave you in a pickle....well they do me!

Just a little close up to do it some justice - turquiose and pale pink go so well together.
Just need to book a holiday in the sun now!


  1. Glad you showed the detail. The ribbon edging is just lovely. The colours do blend well together. You have a great eye for colour, and you've created some lovely palettes in your work.

  2. Oh the pale pink and turquoise go soo well together!

    I made a baby doll dress in these colours for one of our mutual friends Rachel and she loved it to bits - and then I made one for myself, of course!LOL