Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shorts and more shorts.....

Well you know me by now, I love nothing better than messing around with a bit of scrap fabric, so here's my latest offerings!

In both cases, the shorts took less than a metre of fabric with differing looks....

This pair were made from the leftovers of a kaftan/tunic I made on Monday. Because the edge of the material is already fancy, there wasn't much embellishment to be done on them, so these mamas took about 40 minutes! "That's quick!" you say, but that's when I ran into a little 'bother' with them, as I decided to stitch some pretty grosgrain ribbon which matches that in the kaftan over the casing for the elastic, so that it would gather up when the elastic was threaded through....and that's when the fun started, as it took me an hour and a half to finally be able to distribute the elastic evenly, because, try as I did, it just wouldn't work! Now my fingers are all red and sore, but hey, no pain, no gain right? ;-)

Didn't feel like that at the time, I can tell you, and now that I finally have my own little label, I decided to stitch it onto this pair!
Little Miss Norway designs are finally on their way - whoo-hoo!

And then there was this little pair, which was the leftovers from Flora's material!! The only problem with these tho, was that I cut them without the pattern and eneded up making the crotch too long, making them look like a mini skirt when they were on, so I needed a remedy...
And with that, I decided to run some elastic through the bottom of them, making them sit a little tighter on the legs, making them look like a sweet little pair of bloomers, with the usual little bows to finish - voila!

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