Wednesday, 10 June 2009

And here's the kaftan to go with the shorts...or was it the other way round?

*scratchesheadinconfusion* Yeah, it was the other way round!

I bought this material in Greece last year and it wasn't cheap, so I knew I had to make something memorable with it, and I ended up initially making mini skirts for myself and my lovely friend Corina. But that did make me panic somewhat, as I wondered if I would then have enough material left to make anything significant.....was I making a start on the 'scraps' first you may say - and perhaps I was!!

I've decided to post two pictures of it here, as the first is not that clear, as I took it on a backlight setting with no flash, but anyhow, I digress......

I had a very pretty kaftan/tunic that I bought in Bergen a few years ago that I adore, but hate wearing it all the time, as it's embroidered on the edge and I don't want to wear it out, so I made a pattern from it and ended up with this version. I modified the sleeves so that they were in two pieces which just gives it a bit more detail

And as it's a little see-through, I now have a sweet little pair of shorts to wear underneath to spare my modesty - happy days! :-)


  1. AH!!!! i am DYING for these shorts!
    they are absolutely unbelievable.
    i have never sewn from a pattern
    before and im not sure i could!
    they are GORGEOUS .
    all of them
    and the ones with the little elastic
    are PERFECT! soooooo cute.
    WHY did i say sweden?
    i assure you i was out of my skull.

  2. Wow, the kaftan and shorts are so lovely and feminine. What a talented lady you are! :)

  3. Gosh, thank you Angela, that's very kind of you! :-)


  4. The fabric is so lovely! Delicious set!

  5. LOL, I have funny memories of wearing this tunic and a certain Norwegian guy commenting upon it in some way or other!