Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lovely Girl........


Very recently, a dear friend of mine passed away suddenly, and it was a great shock to all of us who knew her. She was such a special girl. 

The first time I sat next to her at a concert in Manchester, back in 2010, she poked me in the arm (only she knew why, but that will lovingly remain between her and myself!) During the concert, she handed me the tiniest scrappy piece of paper, with her name on it and said to me “You will find me on Facebook, here’s my name, we have to keep in touch!” with a big excited smile on her face.

I knew we would become very good friends – sometimes you get a feeling that a person is just ‘special’ and she was indeed!  The day after we linked up and since then, it has been an absolute joy to have known her, if only for such a short space of time.  She was a lovely girl, a happy soul with a positive outlook on life. I miss her a lot, as I know do a lot of other special friends out there.

The last time we met up, she was talking so much about my designs and told me that she was going to order some arm warmers for winter, as she’d seen me wearing them, the very first time we met and she loved them! Funny thing was, I loved the leather jacket she was wearing on our first encounter -so much, that the next time we met up in May of this year, I bought one – just like hers! Smile


Sadly, I will never have the privilege of making them for her now, so the best thing I could think of, was to name my new design in her memory, as I know she would have looked fabulous in them – with her leather jacket!

And so here they are, my latest arm warmer design, named ‘Ute’ in memory of a lovely woman, who passed through my life and left me with many happy memories!

I know you would have loved these, sweet girl…….

Many Thanks for dropping by……

Stor klem!


  1. Hello, I like your blog.

    Greetings from Switzerland:)


  2. Hi Orianne!

    Glad to hear you like my blog, thank you for your kind comments.

    These pretty little arm warmers now have a new home, where I know they will be appreciated!

    Hugs to you and thanks for dropping by!