Monday, 13 December 2010

HVIT JUL......

Well if the forecast is right then it's very likely here in the UK, but these photo's were taken two weeks ago as I was putting the decorations up, so they are a perfect backdrop for this post!

It was surprisingly cold that week in the UK, with the temperatures reaching a minus 10 degrees on the day these photos were taken!

Now I'm used to skiing in very cold temperatures but I was shocked to see just how cold Oslo was the weekend before last, as the temperature was minus 18 when I was there - brrr, I even got windburn on my cheeks, not very pleasant at all!

Well I needed a 'nice distraction' today and so I thought I'd post some Christmas photies as well as these lovely memories of a perfect wintry scene....

I used to do a lot of cross stitching a few years back, and here are some of my favourite things that only come out of the cupboard at this time of year. The 'God Jul' cushion was one of the first things I made, but my most treasured piece is this wonderful little angel, which was just dressed in a very ordinary dress, so I decided to 'dress her up' and make her look very festive instead. She did have wings when I purchased her many years back, so I sprayed them white, in order to fit with the theme I had in mind......


I love the words she has embroidered on her dress "Glad tidings of great joy I bring to you" and she was created in memory of my dear friend Coralie, who sadly left this world many years ago, as I always wanted to be reminded of her. She used to love the 'Flower Fairy' illustrations, I decided that I would make her into the angel that she always was, and now is, and she is the first decoration to be put out and the very last one that goes away after Christmas. The little roses she carries in her hand were from the rose bush I planted for her, and I pressed them and decided that they would look perfect with her dress.

She even has fancy bloomers on under her dress and she sits on this very grand chair near to my sofa, as I love looking at her!

I confess to having a number of trees around my home, all with a differing theme - I guess you could say I'm a frustrated set designer, and its at this time of year that I get to go mad and have fun decorating anything that's stationary! LOL

I've had these 50's style ski decorations for many years and I really love this tree! I wish I could still get hold of these decorations but they're like gold now! The thought of skiing on wooden ski's with those wonderful boots actually always reminds me of Bond films, which I adore watching at any time of the year, but especially now, as there's nearly always a ski scene in them!

This tree looks so wintry and cold that I love it too!

The magnificent 'Faberge' style bauble is by Lene Bjerre and I bought it in Oslo a few years back, and I cannot believe that I forgot to visit the new concept store when I was there last weekend - where was my mind.......oh yes, I know! LOL

It's amazing what a few red ribbons can do to make a room look more festive, don't you think?....

I love these sweet little ice skates that I found on Ebay many years ago - and in particular, how they still have the original leather protectors on the blades - mind you, they cost me a lot more to have them shipped here from the US!!

And this is my all time favourite, my 'Norge Jultre' It took me ages to find/make the decorations for this one, but it always looks so wonderful, standing at the top of the stairs!

And finally, if you've ever had anything made by me, this is where it was probably created, in my craft room - my own private little space! This year I decided it should have the same treatment as the rest of the house.......

I love being in here, with my music going, creating pretty little things as I dream away......

Yeah well, if you can have a tree everywhere else, why not have one in here too?! LOL

Pretty little angels adorn this tree!

In a perfect world, this pretty little globe would play 'Angel In The Snow', having said that, it does do a good rendition of 'Winter Wonderland' instead, so I'm not complaining!

Phew, well that was a 'mammoth' blog! Right then, I'm off to have a warming hot chocolate and to check if I've received an email from someone who's very important to me.......

'God Jul!'




  1. Åååå så vakkert!!! ;))
    Håper du nyter av dagene nå ;)))
    En liten hilsen kommer her ,))

    Juleskriblerier ;)

    Jeg ønsker deg av hjerte alle de gode ting♥
    Nyt av julen & dens poesi, dufter & av harmoni
    Å tenk om litt vi pakker opp av hjertens glede
    - alt det skjønne julen har å gi!!
    Varme juleklemmer jeg sender deg fra meg, Anki
    ♥GOD JUL♥

  2. Hei Anki!

    Takk for hyggelige kommentarer og jul ønsker! Beklager for min sent svar, men ikke jeg har vært på nett en stund, ønsker deg et Godt Nyttår!

    Stor Klem til deg!