Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bits and bobs…..


Gosh, it’s a few weeks since I was in here! 

Well as you’ve guessed, I’m back from holiday, had a fabulous time in Greece, but ended up poorly last week, so now I’m playing catch-up again, or should I say today, pottering and doing ‘dolce far niente’ as that sounds so much better! 

And to kick us off, another pair of wee little shorts, but this time these were made for a very special girl called Maria from Sweden. I’m hoping that she sends me a photo of her wearing them real soon, as I know she’s going to look amazing in them!


I had so much fun making these, especially as they were for my dear friend Maria and the colour was just so pretty to work with – was looking forward to finishing off a pair of very pale pink ones today – well actually, the shorts are made, but can you believe it, I broke the crochet hook making the belt, so now I’ll have to wait till Saturday to replace it and finish them off! Sad smile


And at last I finally got round to deciding how to finish off the top of this little number – heck, I only started it last July, so it was about time I got a move on – well it’s cut out, but I’m stalling until I’ve finished some white items of clothing I’m making, as it means changing the threads on the overlocker, and no matter how careful I am, one of them always breaks and it takes ages to fix it all up again! The not-so-nice part of sewing I guess…..


And now I’ve got some ideas in mind for this beautiful taupe coloured broderie anglais fabric from the US, as I think my dyed pink lace compliments it very well – and yes, I am determined that I will whatever I make this summer and not the next one! Winking smile

So with that, I guess I’d better crack on instead of sitting here frittering the day away!

But before I forget, I still would like another 15 peo0le to hit the ‘like’ button on my Facebook page, so hit the Norwegian heart above and come and join us, as there will be a prize draw as soon as I reach the magical ‘100’ fans – not a lot to ask, when there’s a freebie – or is it, as I’m rather struggling right now! Sad smile

Thanks for dropping by –wishing you a wonderful evening!

Stor klem!



  1. Oh sweet heart, if it was possible, I would push the like button a hundred times myself. What a shame you broke your hook... but it only proves how much hard work you put into your work :) Kram!

  2. Oh bless you, I know you would too! :-)

    I cannot believe the hook broke, but then I've been using it since I was a little girl, so it's about time I bought a couple I think!

    Thanks for dropping by lovely, hope you're well?!

    Stor kram til dig!


  3. WoW!!! Så skjönne ;))
    Helt herlige!!
    Nå har jeg lagt meg til på "liker" siden på FB ;)
    Så göy!! ;))
    Har selv en, titt gjerne forbi ;))
    Önsker deg en herlig sommer!!
    Klemmer Anki

  4. Kjære Anki!

    Takk så mye for veldig snill kommentarer og for sammenføyning min FB side! Bare 14 folk til å gå nå!

    ønsker deg en fantastisk sommer også, og lykke til i trekningen-forhåpentligvis kommer snart!

    Stor klem til deg!


  5. Hej Adela!

    I've just sent you an email with all the details you require!

    Many thanks for your enquiry and lovely comments!

    Wishing you a lovely day!