Friday, 19 August 2011

Hmmn, not impressed……. :-(


Yes, the postie arrived yesterday, with the first pair of those lovely high wedges I ordered from Aldo, that the lovely models were wearing at the Odd Molly SS12 catwalk show last week, so imagine my surprise when I tried one on, loved them, then decided (because they’re soo high!) that I need to put the other one on, in order to balance – only to find that I have two ‘right’ shoes!!

So, I ring the company, who basically are not interested in sorting out the problem, they just tell me to return them to the Liverpool store, which is the nearest to me – but that’s an 80 mile round trip – hence the reason I ordered online in the first place!! 

When I asked why they couldn’t just exchange them and send out another pair, they told me that they couldn’t do that and that I could send this pair back and just order another pair online – but they’ve now sold out online. 

So, I speak to an assistant at the Liverpool shop to see if they can help me locate a pair – anywhere and the lovely lady there (Chelsea!) is attempting to do that for me, as apparently, there’s only one pair left (in my size!) I’m thinking, they must be a pair of ‘left’ wedges then!

So fingers crossed I get them, but this is the second example this week, of me ordering something and a company sadly abrogating all responsibility for putting right something that’s gone wrong at their end. Whatever happened to 'quality control?........ 

When you think about it, thankfully I am fortunate enough (if they’d been in stock somewhere!) to be able to just re-order and await my refund, but what about people who just can’t afford to do that, and when something goes wrong, it’s left to the customer to put it right for themselves? It's not acceptable really!

Now I know that there are a lot of companies out there who have excellent customer care service but this is a prime example of someone getting all wrong.

And I know for a fact (considering the number of sizes that were available online before I posted about these two pair of wedges) that they have obviously benefitted from my blog post, but you know, no company in this day and age can afford to have a bad experience also blogged – and that’s a great shame for them, but perhaps they need to look at the calibre of person working in the customer care service team….

And with that, I’ll jump down off my very high wedge (singular obviously!) and get on with the next complaint I have – la-di-da, happy days indeed! Winking smile

Stor klem til alle sammen!



  1. Oh, what a pity. Hopefully you get right shoes soon. You are so right, how can any comkpany treat customers like this, as they know that bloggers will share reputation, both in bad and in good.

    But still, it is a little funny, when I think about you getting two right feet shoes :) What were they thinking?

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  3. Hate bad grammar and spelling mistakes!!

    Very true Tarleena!

    When a company gets it right, I'm more than happy to share that with others, and equally, when I'm treated the way I was yesterday, it also deserves a mention.

    Having said that, I did laugh at my predicament - will Cinders ever get a proper pair to try on - watch this space! ;-)


  4. Those shoes are gorgeous! I can imagine your irritation on receiving two of the same foot - I cannot see as to how the other set of two of the same would have actually sold / not been returned! So hopefully you will get your hands on them pronto.

    Cannot stand bad customer service, after seeing your post I will personally be fairly cautious when order/if ordering from Aldo...

  5. Hello there, nice to see you here - sorry for the late reply, but I haven't had much time for blogging at the moment!

    Well I never managed to locate the two 'lefties' so I sent them back and gave up. Never mind tho, I'm sure I'll find something next year!

    Love reading your blog btw, you're so lucky to be living in vakre Norge!

    Stor klem til deg!