Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Today’s bits and bobs……


Good Morning lovelies!

Well the sun is just about shining here and as my friend is coming over for lunch, I’m going to make the best of it and eat outside and enjoy it whilst we can, so I’m going to push the boat out and wear something summery – at last, so it’s between this little outfit…….


Or this one………thought it was about time I wore some of these little shorts I’ve made, so I may go with these!


colour of these are adorable, the palest pink…..


And I’ve been having lots of fun recently using different coloured dyes to change the look of some items of clothing, and in this instance, a baby doll set from H&M, as I have one in white and liked the idea of a pink one, so I came up with this, but you have to be careful just how much dye you use and keep an eye on it in the washing machine, and if necessary, stop the process there and then to get the colour you want – but it is fun and yesterday I dyed some lace a wonderful shade of violet, along with some fabric, so I can’t wait to use it!


I’m happy with the result though, as it’s the palest blush of pink and looks perfect with theses little shorts of mine!

So that’s decided then, the second outfit – better crack on and start preparing things for lunch!

Wishing you a sunny day also, even if it’s not too warm, it’s better to have the sun shining on you!

Stor klem!

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