Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fake Socks or Legwarmers–you decide…..

Don’t talk to me about laptops – especially new ones that don’t work and cause a myriad of problems! I’ve lost a fair bit of data and a lot of hours and hassle these last few weeks, so not much time for blogging and knitting and the like, but I did makes these lovelies recently, in between making phone calls to the computer store and what felt like living in the place at times – oh well……

Well at least I enjoyed making these beauties and it’s nice to know that one pair have arrived and the others should be winging their way to Norway – that’s if they haven’t arrived already!


The shades are muted and very pretty indeed – they will go with absolutely anything and look lovely either worn slightly above the knee or a little bit slouchy – the choice is yours!


These Powder lovelies arrived in Sweden a few days ago and are adorning the legs of a sweet girl there! (you know who you are!!) Smile


And this lovely pair should be arriving very soon in the land of my forefathers – in fact, I’m very proud to say that they were my very first order from Norway!

Little Miss Norway will be worn in vakre Norge at last!


Fake socks or legwarmers – you decide!

Wishing you all a lovely day, wherever you may be! As for me, well I’m getting back to setting up this loan laptop as mine looks like it’s going to be away for a few weeks yet! Sad smile

Stor klem!



  1. Hey Sweety! Macbook, that is all i have to say about this messy business. Btw, are these new one's in cotton? The powder one is calling my name... kram!

  2. Oh don't worry, I'll have a macbook and an iMac by the end of the year! I only bought this new windows based laptop as an interim, but I didn't expect all this nonsense to happen!

    The powder ones here are yours but cotton ones like your wristlets could be made.

    Will reply to your email re: cotton ones later my dear!

    Stor kram til dig!


  3. Hello.They are beautiful!Can I order?How much do they cost?have a nice day..klem fra Kathrin

  4. Hi! I don't know how I had missed your comment on my blog-post, but I hadn't seen it until now. Anyway, you are very welcome my dear! And the funniest thing, Simone had put on the wristlets (the one's with the little pink ribbon) on her legs the other day, when i wasn't watching. So cute!

  5. Hei Kathrin!

    Sorry for the late reply but I've been busy spring cleaning!

    For sure I can make a pair for you! Do you have an idea what colour you would like? Because these are now slightly longer they take more yarn to knit, so I'm having to charge £42.00 which is exl of P&P. If you're still interested, please leave me another post with your email address so that I can contact you directly - I won't publish your details here, so please rest assured!

    Wishing you a lovely day and many thanks for your enquiry!



  6. Hej Saneh, how are you today?

    Once again, I'm sorry for the late reply! Have just seen your email, so I will reply to that in a while also - gosh, I'm getting behind once again! LOL

    How adorable that Simone was wearing your wristlets as a pair of legwarmers - had she seen you wearing yours by chance?

    Which reminds me (as one of my friends mentioned this a while back!) that I really should knit smaller versions of these wristlets and legwarmers for little girls!

    Guess that's something else to add to my Projects/Designs notebook then!!

    I can imagine she looked sweet in them yes?!

    Stor kram til dig!


  7. Marie, yes she had seen me wear them. And she always does what I do of course, like taking that knitted odd molly bag and hanging it on her small play-buggy. Oh, and yes, you definately should make those for children. S has a pair of legwarmers (granted not remotely as cute as the one's you make) from H&M and they look so cute on her little legs.

  8. Aah that's sweet! Just imagine when she starts borrowing all your lovely Odd Molly clothes - my friends daughter has just started doing that! Mind you, Chill Norway do a barn range so that's good news, but I've never understood why Odd Molly haven't branched out into this area myself!

    Watch this space - I can see a new range of little girls wear coming along, but it can't be called Little Miss Norway can it!

    Having said that, I've always had another name in mind for childrens wear!!

    God Paske!